School plan for Hervey Road sports field dropped

A little outside this site’s normal area, but still worth noting anyway. Plans to build a school on a sports ground in Hervey Road, Kidbrooke were formally dropped by Greenwich Council at its cabinet meeting last night.

The council had planned to move Willow Dene special school from its current site in Plumstead to Hervey Road. It was claimed it would replace outdated facilities at the school’s original site, while the new location would be easier for pupils to travel to.

However, with the scheme facing years of delays because of planning issues about building on open space, the council formally backed down last night and endorsed plans to rebuild Willow Dene on its existing site at Swingate Lane.

In the years since the council first proposed the scheme, the Hervey Road field has become dilapidated – with locals taking advantage of holes in the fence to use it as an unofficial park.

The Save Hervey Road Sports Field group now hopes to keep the site as an open space in community use. It does seem bizarre that with Greenwich borough hosting Olympic events next year, that the council has been content to let a sports field go to rack and ruin – hopefully it can be put to better use in the months and years to come.

3 thoughts on “School plan for Hervey Road sports field dropped

  1. John July 21, 2011 / 12:26

    In terms of open space going to waste, there’s also the former sports ground on Highcombe, opposite the allotments (

    (Am I imagining seeing an RC high school around there on an old map? If not, I assume it was the sports ground from that?)

  2. Darryl July 21, 2011 / 14:26

    Yes and yes – St Austin’s, merged into St Joseph’s in Blackheath (now St Matthew’s Academy) and demolished in about 1991/2 after a spell as the home of Christ the King sixth form college.

    The old playing fields (presumably owned by the Roman Catholic church) have been empty ever since the school shut.

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