Travelodge scheme gets boost from council

Greenwich Council officers have recommended councillors approve plans to build a 120-bed Travelodge hotel on a derelict Woolwich Road site.

The hotel, together with a small supermarket and restaurant/cade, would “positively contribute to the character and appearance of the surrounding area”, according to a report put together for the council’s planning board ahead of its meeting next week.

Conditions proposed include restricting the supermarket from opening beyond 8am-10pm on weekdays, and making the cafe/restaurant – which will be at the back of the site, next to Greenwich Shopping Park – close by 11pm each day.

The development sits on the site of a demolished retail/industrial estate which was left vacant for use in the now-scrapped Greenwich Waterfront Transit scheme.

Council planners say the new hotel should be open for the Olympics, generating 11 full-time and 27 part-time jobs, and should have “a positive knock on effect for local businesses, in particular local public houses and restaurants in the Charlton area”.

The footpath towards Asda would be widened and re-surfaced to provide a combined cycle/footway link. “A scheme of lighting is proposed, which together with lowgrowing planting will provide an open, attractive and safe route,” planners say. The zebra crossing at the foot of Victoria Way would be moved slightly to the east, along with a bus stop.

Also coming before the planning board on 28 July will be a scheme to divide one of the retail units at Stone Lake Retail Park into two, and a proposal to build a “Skywalk” on top of the O2 in Greenwich.

7 thoughts on “Travelodge scheme gets boost from council

  1. Simon July 19, 2011 / 22:25

    Is anyone else planning to attend? The only real problem is the junction as far as I see it as there are some considerations given to aesthetics in the council report. Para 9.29 basically says that they have been told not to increase the number of controlled (i.e. traffic light) junctions must not increase so no controlled junction. Leave aside road safety or common sense. If you have ever had to use the current junction (remember this is the junction BEFORE two additional turnings have been added on the opposite side of the road) then you may well have a view on its safety. Having witness several accidents there, and countless near misses, I certainly have!

  2. Simon July 19, 2011 / 22:26

    And one more thing – does anyone else understand the convoluted English about the Lidl and Wickes. I fear it makes no sense to me what is being transferred from Lidl to Woolwich Road. Anyone understand planning speak?

  3. John July 20, 2011 / 12:31

    The Lidl/Wickes stuff isn’t that bad.

    As I understand it, Lidl has now closed, and the site will be redeveloped so that Wickes can move up there. The ‘licence’ for a foodstore in the area – up till now used by Lidl – is effectively being transferred to the convenience store that will be part of this development.

    So, Lidl has gone but we’ll get a convenience store under the hotel. Wickes will move to where Lidl used to be. That make sense?

    In terms of the development as a whole, I don’t think it’s too bad. It’ll be an anonymous enough building on a forgettable site: it’s probably better than the current state of things, and given the quality of the rest of the development down there it’s certainly not going to make things worse. I don’t think the traffic will be too much of a problem, assuming they find some way of stopping it being used as overflow for the current shopping park – a convenience store isn’t exactly destination shopping …

  4. Simon July 20, 2011 / 15:16

    John, thanks. I am not against any of it – I just want them to sort out the junctions. As I have to negotiate the crossing with my 2 year old child I’d like it as safe as possible. The planners are ignoring common sense by at least lining up the junction for the main car park for the hotel (and convenience store) opposite Victoria Way to make it less hazardous. I think there should be lights and a pelican crossing arrangement, but the planners oppose that – at least my proposal allows them to revisit in the future once it’s clear how safe the new arrangements are. Intrinsically a zebra crossing on Woolwich Road is a bad idea – I’ve had near misses with cars and lorries on the crossing more times than I can mention in the last ten plus years.

  5. Darryl July 20, 2011 / 16:06

    Pelican crossings are very out of fashion with TfL at the moment – it’s still planning on removing a load around London, including the one at the other end of Victoria Way, where it meets Charlton Road.

  6. John July 20, 2011 / 16:33

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that I’d inferred from your first post that you were against it …

    In terms of the junction stuff, I agree that’s a horrid zebra crossing, but maybe better signage and (especially) better illumination would help. I’m not convinced that lining up the carpark entrance and the bottom of Victoria Way would bring much benefit if any in the absence of a light-controlled junction – which, as the notes to the report and Darryl’s comment make clear, would be frowned on at the moment.

  7. Matt July 21, 2011 / 12:53

    Developing an unattractive brownfield site? Local labour intiatives? Ready for next year? Is this the lasting legacy North Charlton receives from the Olympics?

    I was due to talk at next week’s planning meeting but sadly can’t make it. All my concerns have been allayed bar two. I agree with Simon regarding the junction. I too regularly dodge and roll over car bonnets as drivers fall into auto-pilot.

    If the Travelodge entrance could be opposite Victoria Rd then maybe a four-way roundabout could be useful. Traffic lights would be good but can understand they already have enough of them (including a few metres down the road). Moving the zebra crossing a few metres towards the pub will give motorists that little bit more reaction time and will hopefully reduce some of the reasons behind pedestrians nearly being hit. If current plans go ahead I wouldn’t be too unhappy but agree with Simon that it could be slightly better.

    My other point is getting these tourists out and about in Charlton. Can’t there be some sort of incentive for the hotel to advertise local tourist spots in Charlton. Get them up the hill to Charlton Village and Charlton House. Push them down the road to see the Thames barrier. It was at this point in my speech I was going to bang the table and shout about the Maryon Wilson Animal Enclosure before being dragged out by council officials.

    Let me know how we get on.

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