Will Charlton Park petition flush out public toilet improvements?

Charlton Park public toilets

The proprietors of the Old Cottage Coffee Shop have raised a petition asking Greenwich Council to refurbish the public toilets in Charlton Park. The petition highlights the poor state of the facilities, including the lack of hot water, the absence of baby-changing facilities, and evidence of drug-taking in the toilets. Comments left on the online petition reinforce these concerns:

“These toilets are disgusting and a refurb of them is long overdue!, I dread it when we are at the cafe or in the exercise park and the kids need the loo! I’d rather they go by a tree than go in those dirty, needle infested toilets!”

“These toilets really are in a bad shape but are at a strategic location with cricket and football pitches, a 2012 legacy outdoor gym and a really popular caf√©. All these facilities need proper toilet facilities.”

“Charlton Park is the heart of Charlton and loved by many. It is an ideal place for many activities and is otherwise very tidy and well-maintained. Sadly the lack of usable toilet facilities means you can’t stay too long!”

“Can’t believe we need to petition for usable, clean, drug free toilets in our community.”

You can sign the petition here.