Petition aims to put a life-saving defibrillator in Maryon Park

Defibrillator petition

Charlton Champion reader Jon Kingsbury has been in touch about a petition he’s launched to get a defibrillator installed in Maryon Park.

He says:

It’s wonderful that the park is home to communities from all across the area who play sports throughout the year. Football, tennis and, during the Summer, the park hosts a number of school sports days.

Installing a defibrillator by the public toilets in the park would provide people with the means to save a life should someone have a cardiac arrest. Waiting for an ambulance to arrive may be too late.

Councils across the UK are beginning to install these life-saving devices, which can be unlocked and used after a 999 call. They are designed to be used by members of the public and cannot give a pulse to someone who doesn’t need it.

We want our local park to be as safe as possible for our communities and families. Please join our campaign.

Here’s a video from London Ambulance Service which explains how they work.

It seems like a good use for some of the ward budget money (in this case, Woolwich Riverside ward) that Greenwich Council started to make available last year. You can sign the petition here – and it’s something to think about for the area’s other parks, too.