Charlton’s White Horse pub closes tonight after bedsit plan goes through unopposed

White Horse Charlton
The White Horse’s upper floors are being turned into an HMO

The White Horse pub on Woolwich Road closes tonight, four months after a plan to build bedsits for 22 people on its upper floors went through without objections from residents.

London Stay Apartments, a Rotherhithe-based company, applied to Greenwich Council last year to convert the upper floors into an HMO with 11 double rooms, and to make alterations to the bar area.

The company promised the bar would be kept, however, the current operators are moving on after tonight to the Melbourne Arms in Sandy Hill Road, Woolwich, they revealed on their Facebook page.

Greenwich planning officers approved the plan for the White Horse after several previous proposals – including demolishing the 132-year-old pub altogether – were rejected. No objections were received from residents or local groups.

“It is not considered that the proposal would harm the viability of the existing pub,” they wrote in their report.

The once-intimidating pub was revamped and relaunched in 2020 but efforts to take it upmarket were stymied by the coronavirus lockdowns. In a review for this website in December 2020, our reviewer Paul Breen wrote that the pub had “definitely changed beyond recognition” and had moved away from its “shaven-headed incarnation”.


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