Charlton Neighbourhood Forum: Now it’s your chance to have your say on the idea

Charlton riverside
The forum aims to involve local people in the redevelopment of Charlton’s riverside as well as the rest of SE7

Plans for a neighbourhood forum for Charlton – which could allow local people to have a greater say in new developments in the area – have taken a big step forward with Greenwich Council launching a consultation into the idea.

Residents can now have their say on the idea, put forward by the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum, that a neighbourhood plan should be put together for the SE7 area.

Only two other neighbourhood forums exist in Greenwich borough at the moment – the Moorings forum, which covers a small part of Thamesmead, and the Lee Forum, which extends into Lewisham borough.

The proposed forum area – which covers the entire SE7 postal area plus areas included in the Charlton Riverside masterplan

While both groups have received town hall recognition, neither have yet had a plan approved.

There is also the question of just how seriously Greenwich will take any forum at first. At last night’s full meeting of the council, Conservative opposition leader Nigel Fletcher wrongly thought that the Charlton forum was the first in the borough. (Fletcher has been in touch to say that he misspoke, and meant to say that Greenwich had not yet approved any plans.)

Then the council’s deputy leader, Denise Scott-McDonald – who wasn’t listening to his question and had to have it repeated to her – seemed unaware of the Thamesmead forum, despite it being the only one wholly within the borough.

But if a forum can get a neighbourhood plan together, then by law the council and developers have to abide by it. And while there is a masterplan for the Charlton Riverside, there is nothing at all for the rest of the area, apart from the borough-wide commitments in Greenwich’s local plan.

And if you’ve ever listened to the average Greenwich councillor bumble around issues of planning or public realm (like the exchange above) and thought you could do better… this is your chance.

The proposed area would cover all of Charlton as well as very small parts of east Greenwich (industrial and retail sites off Horn Lane) and Woolwich (the old Siemens site which is due for redevelopment as Faraday Works), which come under the Charlton Riverside masterplan.

You can find the consultation on the Greenwich Council website until January 14. And if you have any questions, then you can ask the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum at its meeting on Saturday.


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