Pub quiz for Maryon Park Community Garden, Royal Oak, Wednesday 24 November

Maryon Park community garden
The Maryon Park Community Garden has been hit by the pandemic

The Royal Oak on Charlton Lane is holding a pub quiz on Wednesday 24 November to raise funds for the Maryon Park Community Garden. Quizmaster PAUL BREEN explains more…

The Maryon Park Community Garden is a food growing space in a reclaimed area of the park which had previously been neglected and abandoned. Thanks to a group of dedicated local volunteers, steered largely by community stalwarts Tim and Edna Anderson, the food growing space has been radically transformed in the past decade. It is now a thriving social space that brings together people from all parts of our very diverse community. Even through Covid, it has served as a source of social sustenance for members.

Unfortunately, with lockdowns and so on, the garden has been unable to host many open days or public events in recent times. Therefore, this is a very worthy cause and support is very much appreciated. Incidentally, this is also the first pub quiz in The Royal Oak since it came under management earlier this year. New owner Kevin Latta has been very keen to participate actively in the life of the community and is looking forward to welcoming regulars and visitors alike on Wednesday 24th.

The quiz kicks off at 7.30pm with up to five members in each team, at a cost of £5 per player. There is also food available in the pub and people are welcome to come as early as possible. Indeed, in these times, that is probably advisable as every effort will be made to make the venue Covid safe. Quiz attendees are advised to bring masks for use when outside of their seated areas.

And as a taster, what famous 1960s film was shot in Maryon Park? So easy not even any need to answer here! Expect the difficulty of questions to be blown up significantly.


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