Can you solve this Charlton Liberal Club mystery?

Who are these men? (Click for full-sized image)

The Charlton Liberal Club closed in October 2018 – the last of the two old social clubs on Charlton Church Lane to go. The building, which was on the market for £500,000, has recently been sold. In its later years, it was better known as a matchday watering hole for football fans on their way to and from The Valley.

The Charlton Athletic Museum has recently been given a batch of old items from the club – including the intriguing photo above. It’s thought to date from before World War I, and may well have been taken at the rear of the club’s former premises at 560 Woolwich Road. Here is what is written on the rear of the photo.

But who were those men? Can you help Ben Hayes at the museum solve the mystery? Drop Ben a line at the museum (email cafchistorian[at], or leave a comment below.

One thought on “Can you solve this Charlton Liberal Club mystery?

  1. Ann Webster February 10, 2020 / 13:38

    Wonder what the tiny cup in the front meant ? Wonder what was won?

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