Become a Friend of St Luke’s and help protect Charlton’s historic church

St Luke with Holy Trinity church needs help with restoration

St Luke’s Church in Charlton a much-loved local landmark – but it needs funds to help restore it, and volunteers who can help keep it open so more people can discover what’s inside. Church warden RICK NEWMAN invites you to become a Friend of St Luke’s…

Largely unchanged for almost four hundred years after being rebuilt in 1630, what was once a village church in Kent, St Luke with Holy Trinity is the church in The Village in Charlton. Not only the final resting place of Spencer Perceval, the answer to that well worn pub quiz question “name the only British prime minister to date to have been assassinated,” St Luke’s is a Grade 2* building of “exceptional historical importance”. There are frequent enquiries about St Luke’s from near and far, with many keen to visit and to know more about its history.

There also those with memories to share, recalling the place where they grew up or where their parents and grandparents were baptised or married. While the days of up to four weddings on any given Saturday might be a distant but happy memory, St Luke’s remains a thriving and active Anglican parish church at the heart of Charlton.

Inevitably, the upkeep and maintenance of the building remains a challenge. In response to these needs, the Friends of St Luke’s is being launched to increase awareness of this remarkable building in our local community and far beyond. The aim is to raise funds towards restoration, repair and development to make the building a community hub and fit for mission in the 21st century.

It is also an opportunity to develop a group of volunteers who can ensure the building is open more often as part of our mission for even more engagement with visitors and locals alike. The church is always open on Sunday and Wednesday mornings for Holy Communion / Parish Eucharist, as well as open for Morning Prayer at 8.30am from Monday through to Thursday. Whenever the door is open at other times there are always visitors, whether by arrangement with local schools or walking tours, or simply those who were “just passing”.

We would love to be able to be open more often and to do so we need to develop a group of volunteers.

Annual membership for The Friends of Luke’s is £15 for individuals, £20 for a couple. Life membership is £50 for individuals and £90 for a couple. Further information about the Friends of St Luke’s and how to become one is set out in a leaflet available in St Luke’s or on the church website.

To coincide with the launch of the Friends of St Luke’s, a beautifully illustrated 36-page guide and history has been produced for sale at £7.00; couples or individuals signing up for life membership will receive a complementary copy.

St Luke’s welcomes people into a place where prayer has been offered for 1000 years; with care and support it will stand for many centuries to come.

You can find more details and sign up at


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