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Charlton House
Charlton House. Photo © Neil Clasper

We’ve made a couple of changes to The Charlton Champion behind the scenes over the past few weeks – and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve relaunched our membership system, so you don’t have to risk foreign exchange charges or turbulent exchange rates to support us.

The Charlton Champion has been running for nine years, and in that time we’ve become a trusted source of news and information for SE7. We tell you about community events, what the council’s doing, and about what developers are planning down by the riverside. We’ve also started to run Kevin Nolan’s brilliant Charlton Athletic match reports. We live here, we know the area, and we want to see it thrive.

But we can’t do it without help from readers. We’re honoured that a number of people choose to give us a monthly donation to help pay the bills and to help us develop the site. But we know that many people found our old system, Patreon, difficult to use.

So we’ve opened up a new system in association with PressPatron, a crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to support blogs and journalism websites. It charges in sterling and doesn’t add a VAT surcharge on top – so no more worrying about dollars or surcharges on card bills. You don’t even have to leave this website. Simply hit the button below, fill in the form, and PressPatron will take care of the rest. Or you can do it on the PressPatron website.

Your money goes to pay the bills and to give something back to site contributors. Anything left over is kept by us to further develop the site and what we do. We’re keeping Patreon as an alternative way to pay, as we know some readers fund other sites through it. But if you like what we do and you’d like us to continue, please help us and donate to us through PressPatron.

If you’re a local business, please consider advertising with us – costs start at just £9.80/week, and you can advertise with us in the knowledge that your money is staying locally – it’s not disappearing into vast coffers overseas. We strongly believe local businesses should help each other – if you agree, please place an advertisement with us.

We’re also experimenting with Google Ads to bring in new income to support the site – if we can earn enough in reader donations and local advertising, we’ll be able to drop them. And have you checked out our postcards and prints?

Finally, if you’ve got a local event or know of something that’s happening, please tell us about it. We reach the parts that Facebook groups and email lists don’t reach – and you’ll be helping local media survive. Just drop us a line.

Thanks for your support – we hope we can carry on with the site for years to come.


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