A New Year story from Charlton Cemetery

Charlton Cemetery (photo by Leslie Archard used under Creative Commons)

On the last day of 2018 – an email from Ann Olson…

On Sunday 7th October my husband and I visited the McIntosh family grave at Charlton Cemetery after having flown in from Sweden the previous day. We had no flowers with us but after a while we spotted a middle-aged couple and I went over to ask if there was a flower shop in the area. The lady said that October 7th would have been her mother’s birthday and they immediately offered to share their flowers with me!

I was quite overcome – this act of kindness could only happen in England I thought to myself…

I would truly like to thank this lovely couple once again and wish them all the very best as we enter the New Year 2019. I would be so grateful if you could find a space to put this in a paper covering the Woolwich/Charlton area.

My maiden name was McIntosh and my great-grandfather started a watch repair business on Thomas Street, Woolwich which passed to my paternal grandfather Robert McIntosh who lived in Heathwood Gardens. I used to stay with them during school holidays.

Later my father, Douglas Robert McIntosh took over the business which had expanded to jewellery, rings, silverware, etc as well as watch repairs. After my father’s retirement, the old shops were taken down and a small community park now stands on the very spot.

Ann Olson
Ann Olson at the McIntosh family grave

If you helped Ann in the cemetery that day, drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch.

On that note, thank you for your support of The Charlton Champion in 2018 – have a happy new year.


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