Vote for me in Charlton this Thursday: Gary Parker (Labour)

Gary Parker

With Charlton going to the polls on Thursday to pick new councillors, The Charlton Champion asked each party if one of their candidates could answer a questionnaire about why they’re standing, what they’ve done, and what they can do. Here is incumbent Labour councillor GARY PARKER…

1. Why Charlton? Two of our candidates live here and the other has represented the ward on the Council for 20 years. Charlton is a great place to live and work.

2. What can you bring to the job of being a councillor? We bring a wide rang of skills and experience, from public service, small business, trade unionism, and life.

3. What is Greenwich Council good at? Greenwich Council has done a great job at managing to maintain quality services in the face of massive reductions in government funding, and in keeping services provided directly in house. Our primary schools rank as the fourth best in the country, and our secondary schools are not far behind.

4. What does Greenwich Council need to improve at? Greenwich Council is constantly trying to improve all aspects of its performance.

5. What makes Charlton special? We have a great sense of community and good mix of residents from all walks of life and a significant number of community organisation, some of the most active in the Borough which enriches community life..

6. What are the biggest issues affecting the people of Charlton? Housing costs, transport provision, air quality, poverty related issues.

7. What are the biggest issues affecting Greenwich borough? Adequate funding, bad planning legislation, property developers putting profit before need.

8. Why should people vote on Thursday? It’s your opportunity to decide who should run the borough.

9. Charlton is on the brink of huge change with redevelopment due in Charlton Riverside. What will you do to make sure residents’ voices are taken seriously throughout this process? Keep residents informed about planning issues as they develop, hold surgeries, public meetings and walkabouts to listen to residents views, advise residents of their rights, put residents concerns at the heart of our decision making.Use the Charlton Riverside Stakeholder forum as a platform for significant engagement on the CR programme

10. Labour has been in power since 1971. Why should residents keep on voting for them? Because Labour has a very good track record in this Borough in providing quality services and in listening to residents’ views.

Gary Parker is Labour and Co-operative candidate for Charlton. To find out more, visit

Charlton ward candidates (three are elected): Gary Dillon (Labour), Macharia Gakuru (Conservative), Ian Gerrard (Liberal Democrat), Rebecca Ireland (Liberal Democrat), Catherine Latham (Conservative), Clare Loops (Green), Maya Mann (Conservative), Gary Parker (Labour), Linda Perks (Labour), Pamela Ritchie (Women’s Equality Party), Charlie Rome (Liberal Democrat). Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 3 May.

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