Council elections are coming: Quiz the candidates for Charlton and Woolwich Riverside wards

Polling station
Elections for Greenwich Council will be held on 3 May

A message from Andrew Donkin and Helen Jakeways about two local elections hustings events taking place at the end of April:

We are delighted to announce two hustings for the 2018 Local Elections.

The Charlton Society is pleased to announce that its Local Election Hustings for Charlton ward will take place on Saturday 28th April at 11am in the Assembly Rooms, Charlton Village, SE7.

Charlton Parkside Community Hub and the Benefice of Charlton are pleased to announce that their Local Election Hustings for Woolwich Riverside ward will take place on Sunday 29th April at 7pm at St Thomas’s Church, Woodland Terrace, Charlton, SE7.

Both events are free and are open to all.

These local hustings are a chance for residents to hear and question the candidates seeking their votes in the 2018 Local Election.

Carol Kenna, Chair of the Charlton Society said: “The Charlton Society is delighted to be hosting the hustings for the Charlton Ward local elections in 2018.  It is an important opportunity for people to meet and hear from all the candidates who are standing for election and asking for their votes.

“Charlton and its surrounding areas are facing an extraordinary level of change and redevelopment in the coming few years and local democracy has never been more important.  We hope people will come along and question the candidates about their vision for Charlton and how they will preserve and develop the community for existing and new residents and businesses.”

Revd. Liz Newman, Rector of the Benefice of Charlton said:  “The Benefice of Charlton is delighted to be hosting this Hustings event for Woolwich Riverside ward which will enable local people to meet and question those seeking to represent them during these times of rapid change in the area.  We look forward to welcoming candidates and members of the community on the night.”

These events are being organised by:

Charlton ward – Andrew Donkin – email:  thecharltonsociety [at]

Woolwich Riverside ward – Helen Jakeways – email: helen [at]

Elections will be held on Thursday 3 May. The Charlton Champion hopes to report from at least one of these events.

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