What’s happening on Charlton’s riverside? Find out (maybe) on Wednesday 1 February


If you want to find out more about the plans to redevelop Charlton’s riverside industrial land, then there’s a “stakeholder forum” on Wednesday 1 February at 7.30pm at the Old Library in Charlton House.

Greenwich Council deputy leader Danny Thorpe will be updating attendees on the borough’s slow progress on rewriting the Charlton Riverside Masterplan, which is running a year late and is widely believed to be ditching plans for it to follow the “principles of a garden city” in favour of riverside tower blocks.

Already, one development has already come forward, with Rockwell Estates proposing a 28-storey tower block in Anchor & Hope Lane at an exhibition late last year. A planning application is expected soon, and the scheme could be complete by 2021.

(Apologies for the short notice, we’ve only just been told about this ourselves…)


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19 Responses to What’s happening on Charlton’s riverside? Find out (maybe) on Wednesday 1 February

  1. Marianna says:

    Hi, just to highlight that the Rockwell Estates application has actually been submitted. The application number is 16/4008/F and I would urge everyone to have a look and comment as the deadline for this is fast approaching (mid February).

  2. The Hebridean says:

    The application is already in (as of December). The number is 16/4008/F. 273 documents to read. Greenwich Council want objections or comments by 1st February (Wednesday). Not a lot of time, chaps.

  3. Darryl says:

    Thanks both. As nobody raised this before, I assume the plan is entirely uncontroversial and there is nothing to worry about in the Rockwell plan 😉

  4. Blimey.

    I knew the Rockwell application was going in soon, but I didn’t realise that it was in before Christmas. That’s been kept nice and quiet. Just been looking on the website and out of 1001 people “consulted” so far (this is the on-line number) 8 people (inc me) have made comments. 6 objecting. 1 neutral. And 1 in support. That’s a very very very very low number.

    Shows you how much more important a skatepark is compared to 1000 new homes on our doorstep and a 28 storey tower.

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m one of those still to respond (and will) but I think in part it’s the volume of documents on the website to look at. A good summary would have been good for those consulted, but perhaps that would have made them more likely to object.

      One thing I noticed – 28 storey towers are 280ft tall, yet Charlton House is only about 150ft from sea level. These will loom over Charlton and be visible far and wide.

      • Jonathan says:

        The reference is 16/4008/F for anyone looking for it on the Greenwich planning portal.

        • The Hebrideam says:

          Do’nt kid yourself that the Rockwell plans are the only ones for Charlton. Take a look at 17/0228/EIA40 Victoria Way, SE7. This is a screening opinion for a residential development scheme consisting of the construction of buildings of up to 11-storeys comprising 350 residential units, car parking and amenity spaces. Do your sums and you wonder how Charlton will ever cope.

  5. Questions for Cllr Thorpe at the 1st Feb meeting might include:

    1/ Why is the Charlton Riverside plan a year late? Please explain exactly how and why this has happened.

    2/ When EXACTLY will the Charlton Riverside Masterplan be published? Please give us a date now.

    3/ Did Greenwich Council ask Rockwell to delay putting in their planning app until after publication of the new Charlton Riverside Masterplan?

    4/ If not – why not? If they did ask strongly then please can we see that correspondence made public now?

    5/ Would Cllr Thorpe agree that the lack of a new published Charlton Riverside Masterplan has put the council and local residents on the back foot regarding the new planning application?

    6/ The meeting to discuss and inform local residents about Rockwell developments on Charlton Riverside takes place on the evening of 1st February 2017. The deadline for local residents (for anyone) to make comments and objections to Rockwell developments is 1st February. How on earth does that make sense? Why wasn’t this meeting arranged for ten days ago?

    7/ Given the scale of the project, the date of the deadline, and the date of the public meeting, will Greenwich Council please agree now to extend the deadline for comments / objections / etc to the 10th February?

    If you go to the meeting please pick a question and have a pop for me.



  6. The Hebridean says:

    Yes it is very controversial. 975 homes but no doctor and no school except what is already out there in Charlton. And no evidence that extra buses etc will definitely be provided.
    By the way I’ve heard the stakeholder meeting was arranged weeks ago. Also to the best of knowledge the council did tell Rockwell to delay submitting the application but they went ahead anyway and any council has to deal with any application within set time limits. So for once that bit is not the council’s fault.

  7. Shez says:

    I went to see the plans re Rockwell for the first time on 27th Nov 2016. The information has been directed at the residents of Atlas & Derrick Gardens. No mention has been made of the so-called Masterplan because the consultation has been entirely driven by the developers. I believe that some members of the Residents Association have now contacted local council reps.

  8. Joe Thorne says:

    Various residents groups have been battling this one with developers since the middle of last year and are still doing so. Ward councillors in several wards have been on this as well as providing support to the constituents and objections to the planners. This is no secret but well known in the area.
    The comments about the scheme on the Greenwich Planning website are just the ones submitted using the online form. There are many other objections going in by hard copy or email that are not being shared online by Greenwich.

  9. T.Lister says:

    If you read the documents Rockwell claims it has met with “senior councillors” and planners before submitting the scheme. And that what they want is in line with the “emerging master plan”. I have no idea what this actually means but if it is true who were these senior councillors and planners, how often and when did they meet? What was said at these meetings? Was anything actually agreed? What does the developer know that the rest of the borough does not? Of course this may be a developer bigging up something routine to sound more important than it is. Problem is that it reads very badly to this council tax payer. What do other people think?

  10. The Hebridean says:

    Everything about this application and the lack of detail about the council’s Master Plan is deeply worrying. This should worry the whole of Greenwich not just Charlton

  11. Darryl says:

    It is alarming that civic societies and local councillors have not highlighted this to the wider public. Not sure whether there will be time for a write-up on this website, but From The Murky Depths – who was also caught on the hop – has done a good job here: https://fromthemurkydepths.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/towers-at-charlton-riverside-1000-homes-and-a-river-boat-pier-planned/

    • Cllr Gary Parker says:

      Darryl I raised the Rockwell Application at the Charlton Society AGM back in October last year. While it is not a Charlton ward application,it has a significant impact in Charlton and I have had various representations on this from local residents and local amenity groups. Cllr John Fahy and others in Woolwich Riverside Ward have been campaigning about this. I also tweeted that I had formally objected to the application on the MaryonWilson hub site after it was raised there last week(to their credit) and they retweeted it
      Cllr Gary Parker

  12. The Hebridean says:

    People have day jobs and families, civic societies are staffed by volunteers who do a lot of good work but can’t cover everything. And planning applications tend to catch residents on the back foot. Whatever the size of an application, you only have 3 weeks to comment so we all need to be vigilant and that includes the fourth estate. I am kicking myself that I failed to post earlier when I knew it was happening but thought that other better informed people would have been in the know and run with this.

  13. Joe Thorne says:

    Yes this application is huge and a lot to read. Probably the developers hope people give up and let it pass.
    Several people have commented that Charlton and the wider Greenwich area will have to provide the facilities not written into the application. Yes that would bite us all. Rockwell’s comment thatcommunity infrastructure money will be used is a cop out as transport is not something that a council deals with. Developers the world over.
    But what really sticks in my throat is the lack of affordable housing. We all know there isa housing crisis on and homes that people can afford to live in needed. So Rockwells answer is to say that it can only put in 15% affordable housing at the MOST so it can make 18% profit. They go on about it being a high risk site and have figures that they claim support this. So much for Greenwich and its 35% affordable homes requirement.

  14. Diane says:

    Thanks to the Hebridean for the tip off on the Victoria Way proposals. My house backs on to this site so I am not massively enthused by the prospect of 11 storey blocks…

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