Shop at Tesco? Here’s how to help the Maryon Park Community Garden

Maryon Park Community Garden
What you’ll find inside Maryon Park’s community garden…

The team behind Maryon Park Community Garden have been in touch….

The Maryon Park Community Garden has been nominated for a Tesco Bags of Help grant to upgrade the garden fencing and gates.

We may receive £8K, £10K or £12K depending upon a vote in local Tesco stores.

Voting starts on Monday 31st October and lasts until Sunday 13th November.

If you would like to support the work of the Community Garden, please vote for us at one of these participating stores.

Woolwich Extra; Peninsula Square, Greenwich; Trafalgar Road, Greenwich; Blackheath Road, Greenwich; Creek Road, Deptford; Eltham High Street; Well Hall Road, Eltham; Clifton’s Roundabout, Lee; Lakedale Road, Plumstead; Major Draper Square, Woolwich; The Reach, Thamesmead.

You will receive a voting token with every Tesco transaction. Please drop your token into the Maryon Park Community Garden in-store voting box.

Many Thanks – Tim and Edna

Chair and Secretary MPCG