Sign of the times? New Sainsbury’s could be topped by giant logo

Sainsburys plan
Final work is taking place at Charlton’s new Sainsbury’s/ M&S complex, which will come to life in six weeks – the ‘old’ Greenwich Sainsbury’s set to close on Tuesday 23 June with its Charlton replacement opening its doors the following the day.

Charlton Sainsbury's

Some bits of work still need to be done, though – such as signage. If you’re expecting the new store to have subtle signs, think again – a giant four-metre high Sainsbury’s logo is due to be plonked on the roof of the store, according an application sent to Greenwich planners.

Sainsbury's recruitment ad

It’s a far cry from the more subtle sign that sits below the roof level of the Greenwich store – an image of which is still being used on recruitment ads for the new outlet.

If you’ve any strong views on the signs, be sure to let Greenwich planners know – head to the council’s planning website and search for reference 15/0835/A – comments need to be in by 26 May, which is leaving the timescales rather tight…

9 thoughts on “Sign of the times? New Sainsbury’s could be topped by giant logo

  1. John May 13, 2015 / 13:37

    I hope this branch won’t cause the same number of problems as it’s smaller one near Charlton station by ignoring the traffic restrictions on Charlton Church Lane. As for the sign, I’m not overly concerned.

  2. Chris May 14, 2015 / 18:09

    Tend to agree with John. The place is as ugly as sin anyway.
    I saw a car in Delafield Road getting a ticket the other day while the illegally parked Sainsbury’s pantechnicon was causing traffic carnage just a few yards away. I assume it also uses the bus lane to exit Charlton Church Lane.

  3. Chris May 15, 2015 / 22:47

    I’ve just noticed the planning meeting comments have to be in by May 26.
    This afternoon the ‘S’ had appeared on the building. It is actually a bit more intrusive than I thought it would be — and that’s only one letter!
    A bit cheeky putting stuff up before consent has been granted isn’t it?

  4. Raymond G Smith May 17, 2015 / 13:59

    What a giant, humongous missed opportunity for Charlton to bring back some vibrancy, cohesion and pedestrians to a horrible stretch of road. The design is truly awful and the enormous car park is the last thing this area needs, given that we have so many retail parks. Where were the young, enthusiastic and insightful urban planners working at Greenwich council who advocate street facing buildings with housing on top and pedestrian friendly walkways and entrances. Why did they get it so right in Woolwich at the Arsenal with the new Sainsburys opening up below the apartment blocks, allowing for quite a pleasant boulevard feel? ‘New’ Charlton is fast becoming a no-go area for pedestrians and fast becoming London’s biggest car park.

  5. Chris May 18, 2015 / 14:12

    Just to add, the ‘S’ I saw was actually the S of M&S.

  6. MiceElf May 20, 2015 / 12:51

    I’ve heard rumours that Sainsbury’s have offered redundancy to all their permanent staff and are hiring new staff on a four hour contract. Also that the trolley collecters have all been outsourced. Is this true? If it is, it’s disgraceful, but nothing would surprise me from a company whose main shareholder is Quatar.

  7. Pete M June 16, 2015 / 10:31

    I don’t understand – the council rejected this application but when I drove past the site this morning the huge Sainsburys sign was up. How could that be?

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