Charlton skate park consultation launched

The Charlton skate park options - A, close to the mini-gym; B, across the other side of the old athletics track; C, away from homes by Charlton Park Lane
The Charlton skate park options – A, close to the mini-gym; B, across the other side of the old athletics track; C, away from homes by Charlton Park Lane

Greenwich Council has opened a consultation into its planned skate park in Charlton Park – but don’t expect to be asked if you think it’s a wise idea or not.

In July, the council’s cabinet decided to relocate Woolwich’s Royal Arsenal Gardens skate park to Charlton, with £365,000 provided by Arsenal developer Berkeley Homes.

The public are only now being asked for an opinion – and that’s to choose between three sites in Charlton Park. The first site is close to the Charlton Lane entrance to the park, while the second is tucked away in the other corner of the field. The third site is in a corner used by dog walkers off Charlton Park Lane.

There are only two questions in the consultation – which site you prefer, and whether you have any other comments.

Aside from the decision not to consult with the community in choosing Charlton Park, hard facts about the skate park remain hard to come by. There is no information about who would operate the skate park, what provisions would be made for safety, security and landscaping, and whether any other funding is being sought to create a facility that’d be an improvement on the rather spartan space it’d replace in Woolwich.

The consultation can be found at, and is open until 1 December.


7 thoughts on “Charlton skate park consultation launched

  1. Neil C November 4, 2014 / 13:56

    Disappointing that they can’t even come up with a computer generated image of how they think the skate park will look. Who will design it? And who will sign off the plans? Will it have to go through the planning process?

    • Stuart November 7, 2014 / 20:32

      Agree Neil. How can they expect people to provide relevant input into the project when they have no context.
      Suggest you Google The Level skate park in Brighton for something like what we hope to achieve for the community..

  2. ThePirateKingThepirateking November 7, 2014 / 11:19

    To be fair, The whole thing is at a very early stage. A design company etc etc have all yet to be chosen so currently all there is to comment on at this stage are the potential locations.

    The Charlton Society will be holding a public meeting / consultation evening when there are more detailed proposals to look at and talk about.

    • jjnse7 November 12, 2014 / 15:06

      I take your point but surely it would be better for the CS and local residents to be invloved at an early stage when the design principles are set. It might be too late by the time detailed proposals are worked up if we are given the chice of a couple of terrible proposals.

      Lets face it Greenwich council seem to treat consultation with residencts rather like a parent offering their children a choice of sausage or fish finger for supper.

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