Charlton Park: have your say on new play equipment


The council has launched a consultation asking Charlton Park users to choose new play equipment for the park. The consultation is live now and closes on October 26th, with a decision expected by the 29th.

The Royal Borough is planning to replace a large piece of playground equipment in Charlton Park Playground as it is worn out and beyond economical repair.
Before we replace this playground equipment we would like your view on what you would like the equipment replaced with and we have 3 design options we should like you to choose from.

As consultations go, it’s pretty basic: you can vote for one of the options shown above, with no further information provided on the context, costs, or benefits; it’s also unclear when we can expect the equipment to be installed. The closing message suggests: If you have any queries regarding the design options please contact – should any readers be interested in trying to find out a bit more (let us know if you do!).

In related news, we’ve been told that councillors hope to start a consultation process this month for the skate park planned for Charlton Park, originally mooted back in July.


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Photographer; @CharltonCSE7 contributor; @RRRipchords guitarist; business publishing & marketing professional. Based in Charlton, south-east London.
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One Response to Charlton Park: have your say on new play equipment

  1. That’s certainly the shortest consultation I’ve ever done.
    One question.
    Little context or age ranges given for the three options on offer – so hard to chose one other than what looked best based on previous experience.

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