Is the 380 bus getting a little too close for comfort?

380 bus

The 380 bus route, wiggling its way through the back streets of Charlton, is a lifeline for many residents. But for some, it’s been getting a bit too close for comfort. A couple of weeks ago, Clare dropped me a line to ask…

“A parked car was hit by a 380 bus this afternoon outside my house on Woodland Terrace, the back bumper was taken off the car and there is red paint all over the side of the car. The bus driver didnt stop so having spoken to the police its unlikely that they will be pursuing it any further.

“This is the third incident of a 380 hitting a parked car along my road so just thought it might be interesting to hear if other residents have had similar issues?”

Longer buses have been used on the route in recent years, including the five hybrids which now ply the route – but are some corners just too tight for them?

6 thoughts on “Is the 380 bus getting a little too close for comfort?

  1. Anne July 31, 2013 / 13:27

    iI live on the sharp bend on Victoria Way, near the Cadet Hall. Roughly 3-4 years ago my car was hit by 380 bus. I was parked on the opposite side of the road to the direction the bus was travelling. It was around 7 am on a Monday when the dustmen were collecting and the driver didnt notice my car (probably because the dustcarts had made him wait to get through). Luckily I heard a loud crunching sound and couldnt believe it when I saw that most of the side of my car had been hit. I managed to shout out my window and get the driver’s attention so the bus had to stop and everyone had to clear the bus. I have to say everything was handled very well by the bus company as the bus was left there until it was examined by the bus company as was my car. My car was covered in red paint and the side had been taken off so there was no doubting it was the bus. I had to take it into the garage a day or two later and everything was covered by the bus co insurance – there was nothing else I had to get involved in. I do wonder though if I hadnt been there and not shouted out the window what might have happened.

    • clare July 31, 2013 / 21:56

      Thats really interesting Anne, my parents car was hit two weeks ago, car covered in red paint but as there are no witnesses and the bus didnt stop there is no proof and the bus garage aren’t taking responsibility. It has been reported to the police but we have been told that this happens so often they dont really get investigated any more! Shame we didnt see the bus; the cars bumper had been pulled off and all the of the side of the car is damaged but we have no witnesses..

  2. Chris August 2, 2013 / 13:40

    Clare, that’s outrageous. Ask them to put the, “This happens a lot so we don’t investigate them” into writing! At least one crime has been committed, IE leaving the scene of an accident. From the damage sustained by the car I would say this was an accident.

    A quick check of the buses on the route that day would surely show damage to the miscreant. Also, the red paint can be checked to see if it is ‘TfL issue’. Don’t let Plod/TfL get away with this.

    The 380 has become a victim of it’s own success really. The tiny buses got full very easily so they’ve had to put bigger buses on. The bus comes down my road and I’ve not seen any problems, but on the narrower stretches it is a squeeze.

    • se7mummy August 5, 2013 / 20:04

      Hi Chris, we have considered the paint proof but I think the cost of getting it done would be more than the excess on the car insurance.
      I agree about the popularity of the route, I use it a lot but I do find that the buses tear down Woodland Terrace and have v little patience when the road narrows and they have to wait for other road users to pass.

      • Chris August 6, 2013 / 12:04

        Don’t you do it! Take a sample to plod and get them to do it!

        As I say, a crime has potentially been committed and it is their job to investigate.

        If they won’t do it. Contact your councillors.

  3. 16" East August 11, 2013 / 17:17

    Same here! My car was hit when parked for a short while on Wellington Gardens a few months ago. The bus drivers are either told not to stop or just don’t give a damn. I park very carefully now along that route and I suggest everyone does too – they don’t care about the law, your car, or stopping if they hit a vehicle. Depressing but true.

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