This Saturday: Charlton Society plus Pound Park table sale

Here’s a note from Charlton Society chairman David Gardner

Trees in our local parks is the focus of the talk at the Charlton Society this Saturday 20 July starting at 2.30pm at Charlton House. Local tree expert Jim Hedges will speak and there’s much more than you would think!

Good to shade us from the sun, great for the environment and very much part of Charlton’s look and feel as a green village. We will also have time for local news and discussion and, of course, a refreshing cup of tea.

On the subject of trees, we are making strong representations for the new Charlton Sainsbury’s/M&S landscaping. We have also been trying to urge quick resolution to widening the pavement by the new Sainsbury’s local store going in opposite the station. And on shops, you may have noticed Charlton Village has a brand new green grocers by The Baguette. Good quality and value with a wise range, give it a try.

There’s also a table sale earlier in the day at Pound Park Nursery, with painting and other fun for kids.


One thought on “This Saturday: Charlton Society plus Pound Park table sale

  1. Rejory July 18, 2013 / 23:04

    Regarding local trees, has anyone noticed the dying (fairly new) trees in the avenue planted along Charlton Road opposite Springfield? It doesn’t look like the council water them. I’m wondering if any readers live nearby and could empty a couple of watering cans down the root pipes? Also the new trees on Church Lane are looking like they could do with a drink!

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