Charlton Pub Quiz returns, plus Northern Soul night

Paul the Royal Oak quizmaster has a message for you…

Hello everyone. Just a quick reminder that the Indie Pub Quiz returns for its record breaking second outing this Saturday (23rd) at The Royal Oak on Charlton Lane. The first attempt in January was a glorious and highly enjoyable shambles. This time we are going one better by actually playing Indie music and not having to make do with a drunk bloke at the bar singing Tom Jones covers, although it was good of my Dad to try and help.

The quiz starts at 8pm sharp so get there beforehand to secure a decent seat. Teams were supposedly capped at 4 last time but in reality it was tough to tell groups of 5 they had to split so, in a new twist, this time teams can be up to 6 people but each person over 4 (I mean the number in the team, not in age) will incur a 3 point penalty. So for instance team of six has a numerical advantage but starts on minus 6. Fair? Let me know in the comments.

As before cost is £2 per person and money raised goes to local causes as yet unconfirmed. If you are don’t have a full team let me know via the contact details below and I will put you with a team of – guaranteed – lovely people.

Northern SoulNorthern Soul Night!

But the exciting Charlton entertainment news doesn’t stop there folks. Following on from the success of the first quiz, Landlady June has let us loose on her pub again and on March 29th I am very excited to announce The Royal Oak will play host to – I think – Charlton’s first Northern Soul night! Local DJ and man about town Ed Simmons will be selecting the floor stompers and we’ve agreed a new lighting strategy with June – no longer will planes be attempting to land in the bar,
instead the mood will be mellow and moody. Nice.

Both the events above are part of a concerted attempt to get at least one Charlton pub doing something a bit different to the norm so your continued support is much appreciated. If you want to get in touch with me with any questions either respond in the comments or you can
find me on Twitter (@CharltonPubQuiz) or by email –

Thanks for reading,


Thanks for writing, Paul. A Charlton Champion-powered team won the first quiz, but will any of the CC writers be able to repeat the triumph?

One thought on “Charlton Pub Quiz returns, plus Northern Soul night

  1. BigFatPaul March 23, 2013 / 14:40

    Indie, Northern Soul we seem to be travelling backwards in time (or have the Hoxton crowd re discovered it lately.. so edgy that lot). I look forward to a skiffle night soon

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