Greenwich Council backs Charlton Sainsbury’s/ M&S scheme

It’s been a long while coming, but councillors finally voted last night to back plans to to move Greenwich’s Sainsbury’s to Gallions Road, Charlton, in a new site along with an M&S and other shops.

Greenwich Council’s planning board voted 8-1 in favour of the application, despite concerns about traffic congestion and air pollition on Woolwich Road.

As well as the two superstores, the scheme will provide 850 jobs as well as a “high street” frontage of other stoes in front of the Rose of Denmark pub.

One councillor, Steve Offord, was heckled by members of the public for saying it was “inevitable” that the council would have to accept drivers entering the complex from Woolwich Road. Local campaigners had argued that customers should have to use Bugsbys Way, to tak traffic off the A206.

Council leader Chris Roberts suggested a compromise solution, where a fund of money from the developer should be set aside for traffic improvements after the store had opened, to calm fears of rat-running on Victoria Way and other streets. He also backed calls for a second entrance to Charlton station on Troughton Road, although this is subject to a separate process.

The only dissenting councillor was Kidbrooke with Hornfair Labour representative Hayley Fletcher, who acknowledged the scheme had great promise but was full of “missed opportunities” to promote sustainable transport on the Woolwich Road, dubbing the air quality statistics in the area “frightening”.

(Other councillors referred to the bad air quality on Woolwich Road, despite Greenwich Council’s Labour group voting to launch a campaign to build a third Blackwall Tunnel to add more traffic to the A102 – see petition against it.)

Most speakers were in favour of the development, but many were sharply critical of the lack of measures to control traffic. Developer LXB said it had offered Transport for London money to extend bus route 202 from Blackheath Standard to the store, to compensate people who would usually take the 108 service to the Greenwich store, but TfL insisted the bus network was fine as it is.

Chris Roberts suggested the council should take a tough line with TfL on the issue, adding that existing route 129 was only created thanks to a planning application put in for the Millennium Dome.

To see short summaries of what was said during the meeting, see this Storify round-up. The new store is likely to open in 2015.

12 thoughts on “Greenwich Council backs Charlton Sainsbury’s/ M&S scheme

  1. therealdecoy January 19, 2013 / 16:28

    If this is ‘stitching together’ retail and residential development, then future local planning possibilities should be putting the wind up those who welcomed the Sainsbury’s M&S scheme with reservations. None of the arguments made were given more than token consideration by the committee, with one laudable exception.These plans do less than nothing to improve pedestrian and cyclists’ access to the Charlton retail areas. Look at that narrow pavement! Why does M&S get to have a delivery entrance on Woolwich Road, when without this an integrated plan would have been possible? Interestingly, there were no objectors from the Millenium Village community, who will lose their local supermarket to benefit the anticipated ‘high value’ (low-rise?) residential developments in Charlton. What next? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to actually object to this kind of ‘rhetoric before reality’ planning, rather than trying to modify it ineffectively?

  2. Darryl January 19, 2013 / 17:30

    The fact that Millennium Village residents are losing their nearest supermarket isn’t really a consideration for the planning board, though. Of course, a proper “village” would have proper shopping facilities inside it, not a schlep across a dual carriageway.

    Perhaps if Greenwich planning had engaged with this scheme earlier, instead of kicking it into the long grass in suspicious circumstances a few months ago, there might have been a more satisfactory resolution to this. All that said, I think the effect of new development on Woolwich Road will be positive.

  3. Rejory January 25, 2013 / 15:17

    The council should insist on cycle/pedestrian paths and not allowing deveolpers to develop right to the edge of the plot like happened along the riverside cycle path at millennium village where houses open their doors onto the cycle path where there had been a green verge & trees from the Millennium..
    This would NOT happen in Holland!!!

  4. CT August 17, 2014 / 21:47

    Route 202 could be extended from Blackheath Royal Standard to Charlton Station. (Charlton Church Lane) to serve the new Sainsburys and Marks & Spencers Stores as well as Asda’s, Argos and other stores on the Greenwich Retail Park on Bugsby Way by running via Westcombe Hill, Pea tree Way, Bugsby Way, Anchor & Hope Lane, Charlton Church Lane (Charlton Station) maintaing a bus link between Blackheath Royal Standard and the New Stores on Bugsby Way. Maintain good levels of public transport is vital to any development.

  5. CDT September 23, 2014 / 08:55

    I agree with improving bus services to the new Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer stores and other stores on Bugsby Way like Asda Argos Next etc etc. I hope the Royal Borough of Greenwich Transport Planners are in discussions about this with Transport For London Bus Network Route Planners to see how bus service improvements to the stores will be achieved.

  6. CT November 24, 2014 / 02:52

    Alternatively route 129 Greenwich (Cutty Sark) to North Greenwich Station Could be rerouted in the East Greenwich area to run via Blackwall Lane, North Greenwich Station, Millemmuim Village, Greenwich Peninsula (B&Q and planned new IKEA Store), Charlton Bugsby Way ( Wickes, Asda, Argos, Smyths, TK Maxx, Pet World, Staples, Boots, H&M, Next, Poundland, Maplins, Top Shop, WH Smiths , JD Sports and new Sainburys and Marks & Spencer Stores) and could be extended to the new Kidbrooke Village to terminate at Kidbrooke Station operating via Anchor & Hope Lane, Charlton Church Lane (Charlton Station), Charlton Road, Blackheath Royal Standard, Blackheath, Blackheath Village (Blackheath Station), Lee Road, Lee Green (Tigers Head), Eltham Road, Kidbrooke Park Road (Kidbrooke Village) and Kidbrooke Station. Maintaining a frequent bus link between Blackheath and Sainburys and all the other stores on Bugsby Way . Whilst also providing new bus links from Kidbrooke Village from Kidbrooke Village and Charlton Road to Sainburys Asda
    Marks & Spencers, the Retail Park and North Greenwich Station. Improving bus services to this new development is essential as it is to any new developmemt in the area.

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