New supermarket for Charlton Church Lane

The shop unit in the new development by Charlton station is finally set to be occupied. A Greenwich Council planning meeting last week gave permission for an extension to be added to the back to expand the floorspace. It also agreed to look into the possibility of widening the narrow pavement outside.

It’s believed a Sainsbury’s Local will open here – just a few hundred yards from the supermarket giant’s planned new store on Woolwich Road, the planning process for which was held up in mysterious circumstances a couple of weeks ago.


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9 Responses to New supermarket for Charlton Church Lane

  1. Chris says:

    A Sainsbury’s Local you say? Blimey.
    Virtually all the shops in this particular parade sell groceries and provisions. They compete with each other and you can get some bargains if you look. I’m afraid the Local could do them in which would be a pity. What would take their place?
    Can’t they do something a bit more original with the site?

  2. Gabriella Hudson says:

    It’s all about growth and this is the only sector growing in retail now. I would rather a Sainsbury’s Local than a Tesco Express.

  3. Rejory says:

    Co-op at the top, Asda at the bottom, I agree, something more original would be better for Charlton..

  4. meself says:

    as long as there is a bakery on site i,i dont care who runs it. fresh bread for once without the trek to asda!

  5. charltonlane says:

    Extension to the back and pavement widening? Sounds to me like it will be another twelve months of inactivity. There’s no space to widen the road.

  6. mark says:

    well firstly accept for one shop, all shops in that charlton parade and the cafe have the same owner, who spent the last few years buying up all the shops. So his monopoly will suffer, but any high street does when the big corporates move in. But for locals it could be of great benefit, fresh bread would be great, as well as cheaper groceries. The pavement could be widened by reducing the wide footpath on the opposite side of the road, which i suspect will be the course of action that will obviously be taken, after they faff about for another 12 months extending the back.

  7. neilclasper says:

    A Sainsbury’s Local might at least mean a cash point in convenient proximity to the station and shops.

  8. SusieG says:

    I’ll be sad for the one local shop that is truely local. They know who you are and are friendly and a genuine part of the community. I can;t see how they’ll survive given the overlap of products. To be honest, I avoid the rest like the plague! I don’t quite see why we need a Sainsbury’s there with the new huge site approved down the road but it’s better than it being empty I guess.

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