Plenty of space to park at Charlton’s new Wickes

The new Wickes DIY store in Charlton opens later this month. It means a move over to Bugsby’s Way at the northern end of the retail park from its current home facing onto Woolwich Road.

Here’s a first glimpse at what it looks like from the outside. Just look at that car park – plenty of room.

Luckily, there’s more car parking than we used to have when it was a Lidl. Looks more than there is at the current Wickes, which must be a good thing as it’s always jam-packed.

Can’t see any trees, but that surely means more room for cars. With increased gate receipts at Charlton Athletic after their recent promotion, surely match day parking won’t be a problem anymore.

Thumbs up all round.

Wonder how the developers will fare with their next project.?

2 thoughts on “Plenty of space to park at Charlton’s new Wickes

  1. Simon May 16, 2012 / 23:55

    Another issue here for LXB to deliver on their promises to the residents. Where are the trees? Am I mistaken that there was meant to be some tree landscaping in this new car park? Or are they coming later? Given the rest of the developments in the area, our anxiety levels have been raised by seeing how this has turned out compared to what we thought we were going to get.

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