Thames Barrier path closed for a fortnight

A quick warning if you walk, cycle or jog along the riverside path at the Thames Barrier – the section owned by the Environment Agency will be closed for a fortnight from today to enable the EA to complete security works there. It looks as if barriers are being installed throughout the site, making the place even less welcoming for visitors.

While the work’s being done, it means you won’t be able to get to the Barrier from the Anchor and Hope pub and the path there will effectively be a dead end. There should be a signed diversion route along Anchor and Hope Lane and Woolwich Road, for any walkers or cyclists not put off by the prospect of a mile-long diversion along dual carriageways.


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3 Responses to Thames Barrier path closed for a fortnight

  1. Ashleigh marsh says:

    Barriers???? Could this be something to do with the Olympics?

  2. bob says:

    The barriers being installed look to be defensive, like the ones around the city back in the heady days of the IRA bombing campaign. Well done to the Environment Agency for actually setting a target of two weeks, allot better that the rest of the Thames path chopped up by developers and left closed indefinitely…

  3. Jon Kingsbury says:

    This is rubbish for me as a cyclist who bikes west from Maryon Park to the O2 each morning. I would love to know why they have to shut the path, because for the past week there has been no work on the path itself, just around the front of the barrier. The main reason seems to be that the workers don’t like passers-by.

    It would be great to get a decent explanation, because this is causing a diversion for cyclists onto one of the boroughs most dangerous roads.

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