Meet Maryon Wilson Park’s newest arrivals

A little note from the Save The Animals in Maryon Wilson Park campaign…

The two fawns were born in the park’s deer enclosure last week.

“We’d been expecting the arrival of one baby deer, but two healthy fawns being born in the same week was a lovely surprise,” said a local resident who passes the deer enclosure daily.

“As I walked past the pen early one morning, I saw a tiny face pop out of the nettle patch, blink at me and then disappear again. I couldn’t believe it. A beautiful, healthy, baby deer.”

The two fawns spent most of their first few days hiding from their adoring public in the nettle patches in the enclosure. The two mothers returned to the babies every four hours or so to give them milk. Born in an Olympic borough, the two fawns soon found their running feet and within days were cantering around with their mums.

The new arrivals have received many visitors including local children from Pound Park Nursery. Head teacher Sheena Gilby said, “It’s wonderful for the park to have some baby deer. We’ll be taking more of our children along to meet them. The animal centre is a much loved and important learning tool for us at the nursery.”

“I’ve lived in the area all my life,” said Nathan Lobb, who brought his two-year-old son Sam to the park, especially to see the new fawns. “They’re beautiful. To see them racing around in the sunshine is lovely for Sam. He’s still to watch ‘Bambi’, but now in his local park he can see baby deer for himself. He was captivated.”

Beautiful though they are, these real-life Bambis are under a threat as serious as any faced by their film counterpart. The entire animal centre in Maryon Wilson Park is still under threat of closure following sweeping budget cuts by the Council. The public was told earlier this year that funding for the centre will end in April 2012, implying that the animals will be shipped out and the stockman made redundant.

This has aroused much local anger and an amazing 7000 plus people have now signed a petition calling on Greenwich Council to find a way to maintain funding and save the Centre. The two young deer should be allowed to live out their lives as part of the Charlton herd where they were born, but will the council let them?

The petition can be signed at – and more information about the campaign can be found via the Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks.