How was the Horn Fayre for you?

So who rocked up to the Horn Fayre late and with a flat battery in his camera? Thanks to ThePirateKing for the photos above, and to Diamond Geezer for the pictures below. (He’s also posted about the fair today.)

It’s always seemed an odd event to me – it seems to pop up out of nowhere, there’s a random selection of stalls, and there wasn’t a timetable for events to take a look at. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. But the kids running around had fun, and that counts more than anything else. If you went, what did you think?

5 thoughts on “How was the Horn Fayre for you?

  1. Brenda June 20, 2011 / 15:29

    Popped up about 2.30 as waited for the rain to stop first. Bit hit and miss really but spent a few quid here and there on the charity stalls.

    I caught the end of the dog show which did seem very lively but the highlight was the men v the rugby lads. Very funny when the men all finished flat on their arses on top of each other. Comical. Listened to some of the music but only really stayed an hour. I think we should have gone up earlier now as didn’t see any nobbly knees or glamorous grannies. So like you say, a timetable could be good.

    A nice day spent in Charlton… as popped to the Anchor for a few after and finished off fathers day with a curry in the Viceroy!

  2. Brenda June 20, 2011 / 15:30

    I meant it was the men v rugby team tug of war which was funny.

  3. Kirsty July 1, 2011 / 13:51

    I’m always a little disappointed by the Horne Fayre and would love for it to be bigger and have more of a vibe. This year I was particularly annoyed by all the religious groups who were actively trying to accost you as you walked around. I had to be rude to several individuals who simply would not let me walk in peace…that isn’t why I go to the Fayre ! The lack of a timetable meant we left after about an hour as you really had no idea if it was worth waiting around. Not sure who organises the event but maybe they should think along the lines of a farmers or craft market with more stalls and more things for the kids to do…egg and spoon races etc. Our little girl painted a moneybox at one stand which was popular but that was about all she was interested in. Oh and a medieval pig roast would be fab !

  4. neilclasper July 1, 2011 / 14:32

    It’s an interesting point about not being sure who organises the event: I came away with that question, as well. Does anyone know? Is it the council?

    We were issued with a running order when we arrived, which was useful.

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