Hurry, it’s half price curry…

Our Bramshot Avenue correspondent Boneyboy has a nose for a bargain…

“The Haweli Tandoori takeaway opens on Monday 23rd May in the premises on Bramshot Avenue previously occupied by Desi Spice. Leaflets delivered locally and a sign in the window offer 50% off menu prices in their first week.

The menu offers what I would describe as standard Indian takeaway fare. The leaflet delivered through my door contains a number of errors, including a wrong telephone number, corrected by hand , and directions that Bramshot Avenue is “off Victoria Way and Westcombe Avenue”. Let’s hope their cooking is better than the proofreading.”

Your considered opinions on Haweli’s fare would be welcome.


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3 Responses to Hurry, it’s half price curry…

  1. Marco says:

    I wasn’t too impressed with their proof reading either.
    I can see the chain of events whereby a hand written note was printed up by someone who perhaps has English as a second language.
    Anyway, I was a little perplexed by:
    “We have scarcheel deep into India’s culinary culture….”
    I’ll be trying their food this week for sure.
    Just hope the price list hasn’t got too many typos.

  2. ScarletManuka says:

    ‘WE ARE FAST, BEST & TASTE’… was chuckling about that claim for a while. Still, it’s in keeping with the quote on other side of the underpass… ‘I quietly observes…’
    Gotta love a good smelling pistake .

  3. Steve says:

    Popped along there last night. The 50% off offer had clearly worked – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a takeaway so busy on a Monday night. The curry was pretty average fare, not up to the standard of the Indian restaurants down by Westcombe Park station, but not a bad effort for their opening day. I might have to try them a couple more times before coming to a final conclusion – well, that’s my excuse anyway!

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