Charlton Lane level crossing closure

A strange sight on Sunday – the level crossing on Charlton Lane dug up and lying in piles on the road. There wasn’t anyone working there the two times I passed the crossing, so I couldn’t work out whether it was being replaced, or something else was going on.

More intriguingly, Network Rail said last month it would inspect the track through the tunnel next to the level crossing to check for evidence of part of an old chalk mine thought to be beneath the track. With the line closed on the last two Sundays, I wonder if those checks have been carried out?


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2 Responses to Charlton Lane level crossing closure

  1. Paul says:

    Just to let you know, it is now nearly 11:00pm and they are working very noisily into the night. There were lots of workmen there around 11:00am when I came home and they have been there ever since I think. Not sure what they were up about an hour ago but my windows were rattling! Hope they don’t have to do much more, am shattered enough as it is without them keeping me awake tonight.

  2. Darryl says:

    Somehow, that’s not a surprise – I passed the site at 5pm and 6.30pm and there wasn’t a soul to be seen…

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