Drama at The Valley… well, sort of

Neighbours working today while Charlton Athletic manager Phil Parkinson was given his marching orders could be forgiven for thinking that The Valley was a hive of activity this afternoon, as reporters and fans scrambled for the latest.

Alas, no, apart from a lonely Sky Sports News van, containing a reporter who couldn’t even bring himself to say the name of the vastly-unpopular ex-Millwall man tipped to take over.

This site doesn’t do football, but Drinking During The Game does, and does it very well.


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Journalist, SE Londoner.
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One Response to Drama at The Valley… well, sort of

  1. Charlton Lane Dave says:

    Drama indeed. Maybe our three year decline is finally bottoming out and we can once again look forward to exciting times at the Valley and Charlton back properly on the national footballing map. Thanks for the Carlsberg referral!

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