Snow delays council refuse collections

If your bins were due to be emptied today, then they won’t have been – Greenwich Council has suspended its refuse collections so the bin teams can help out with gritting the roads after the weekend snowfall.

There’s no word on when they’ll be resuming, but Greenwich Council’s website and Twitter feed should have the latest. There’s also details of what to do with that Christmas tree once you’ve finished with it.

It’s certainly still pretty dicey underfoot on the area’s pavements, and Saturday’s blizzard saw more distruption to public transport; although rail and bus services have largely recovered since then. The M&S Simply Food at Blackheath Standard’s been cleared out of bread, which may tell you something (or nothing) about panic buyers…

At the moment, light snow is forecast for Christmas Day.


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One Response to Snow delays council refuse collections

  1. Alan Palmer says:

    They came round here (Elliscombe Road) a few minutes ago. The usual collection day is Monday.

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