Street parties: Do you have any memories?

Today’s announcement of a royal wedding got me thinking back 30 years, and how similar these times feel to the early 1980s. More specifically, it got me thinking back to 29 July 1981, when Prince William’s dad got married – because I was at street party, in Tallis Grove, Charlton, where my grandparents lived.

Somewhere at my parents’ house, there may still be a small Charles & Diana cup obtained at that party.

I don’t remember any details of it – I was a few days short of being seven years old – but it remains a vivid memory, probably because I don’t recall anything like it happening since then. Indeed, even that 1981 street party must have been a bit of a throwback to the past – the photo above, from the wonderful, is of a 1953 coronation bash in Ancona Road, SE18.

Indeed, the site has a wonderful gallery of street party photos dating back to 1918.

Do you have any memories of any street parties in Charlton, or the neighbouring areas? Did they really die a death after 1981? Do you have any photos? I’m not interested in predicting what’ll happen next year or your views on royalty – I’m just after talk of cake, bunting, and cherryade. I’d love to hear any memories, and perhaps we could even publish any photos here.


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6 Responses to Street parties: Do you have any memories?

  1. Oh yes, lots. In 1981 we were at a street party in Catford, which was where we lived but I remember feeling decidedly old (15) and embarrassed being dragged around by my Mum & Dad. I couldn’t wait to go back home.

    But in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee we were at my Uncle’s place in Derwent St, Greenwich and the whole of Christchurch Way was shut and I loved it. Bunting, tombola, a sense of pride and everyone forgetting their woes for one day.

    • Mick Kennedy says:

      Got no photos but I was born in Mascalls Court in 1950. I can remember the Coronation party in the playground in 1953. Lots of tables were laid out in playground, right in centre of flats. As they were newly built there was no tarmac laid outside porches so we had our very own sand-pit to mess about in.

  2. PlumBum says:

    I wasn’t in London as a child but we definitely had the bunting up in the back garden for the Diana wedding. I seem to remember (well OK I don’t remember, I’ve seen photos) that it was a hot day and we are all in our lovely 80’s get up sitting on those fold out garden chairs. We had friends round, who are smiling in the pictures even though they are very anti-royalist (unlike my parents)…probably just another excuse for both sets of parents to drink lots of wine – at least their taste in wine has improved over the years!
    Love how civilised Ancona Road looks. Doesn’t look like that now sadly, I love men in hats…

    • Sarah says:

      Hi PlumBun, would you mind dropping me a quick email? I’m keen to get in touch with you for a piece I’m writing for a magazine. This is a genuine press request, nothing untoward or weird I promise! Many thanks, Sarah

  3. Brenda says:

    The only thing I remember is being stuck in the Brook Hospital as I had had back surgery the day before so didnt get to experience any of the celebrations and i dont remember any street parties being organised. I remember feeling slightly bad as my parents had bought a colour portable especially for me so we could all watch it around my bed – I watched Diana walk up the aisle and then promptly zonked out.

  4. Helen says:

    My Grandparents are in the picture above outside where they lived. Glad you like the photo

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