The stuck bus of Charlton

I can’t help noticing that as crowds at The Valley have got smaller, the signs warning of bus diversions around matches have got bigger, with huge red panels warning of changes to the 380 and 486 services. If only bus drivers took notice of them too – sights like the one above, where a 486 got caught in the departing crowd after yesterday’s match against Sheffield Wednesday, happen from time to time.

Not sure why the 380 needs to be shifted – the smaller crowds for football mean getting through Wellington Gardens and Charlton Church Lane is less of a problem.

But the police close Charlton Church Lane for a short while after matches, so the 486 is certainly affected. But when even the bus drivers can’t even follow the diversions, something’s not working properly.

3 thoughts on “The stuck bus of Charlton

  1. valley_girl October 31, 2010 / 22:49

    I too have wondered why the 380 still needs to be diverted before and after matches. I would like to be able to get the bus to and from matches as I now find it increasingly difficult to walk to the ground from home. I asked TfL before the start of the season if they would reconsider the diversion now that crowds were smaller and traffic less of a problem, but they said they had no plans to do so. Is there anyone else out there who would lend their support to getting TfL to change their minds?

  2. Darryl November 1, 2010 / 00:13

    I think one of the residents’ associations (CCRA?) may have made a representation to TfL to that effect. There was some talk of the Charlton rail users’ group becoming a broader Charlton public transport group since much of the meeting was spent discussing buses, so there’s definitely some support for some co-ordinated action; it’s just making sure people know about it.

    Some bus drivers seem to be following the usual route regardless, from what I’ve seen before the past couple of home games.

  3. James December 11, 2012 / 19:07

    I do not see why the busses should divert. The stops should be exit only to stop crowds getting on but the bus should be allowed up the hill as the divert misses out charlton so residents that need to go up the hill are inconvinienced. If anything the crowd should be held back by the police. Or charlton FC should compensate travel cards affected.

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