Arrival time for Charlton rail users’ group

If the post on next year’s rail fares interested you, then you might like to know the Charlton Rail Users’ Group is holding its second meeting at Charlton Liberal Club on Tuesday at 7pm.

Topic likely to be under discussion include London-bound trains frequently stopping so far up the platform you need to sprint to catch them, the unpredictable hours of the booking office, the ropey bus interchange for North Greenwich (the “dance of death” between the 161, 472 and 486 stops), and poor maintenance and cleaning of the area around the station. You may have other concerns, of course. The aim of the group is to secure a louder voice for Charlton commuters in the ears of Southeastern, Network Rail, Greenwich Council and Transport for London.

All users of Charlton station are welcome, and the Liberal Club bar would be grateful for your custom. I’m hoping meetings and organisations like this can be publicised through the Charlton Champion, so if you’ve any news of anything similar, please let me know about it.

One thought on “Arrival time for Charlton rail users’ group

  1. guenter November 23, 2011 / 15:56

    Meeting 23. Nov. 2011
    I would have liked to attend but it would be rather unfair on every one as I suffer from a severe
    cold !

    Don’t let the ‘South Eastern’ rep too easily of the hook.
    (Some stations now announce the composition of the arriving train e.g 4 carriages or 5 or 8).


    Guenter R Jocher
    25 Nadine Str

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