Final open event for Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project

After months of hard work the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project is up and running.

This is a lottery funded project that aims to archive information about Charlton’s parks including stunning photographs, historical documents and recordings of local people’s memories.

A final open event is being held on Monday 25th June to Friday 6th July 2012 at Charlton House, Grand Salon between 10am – 4pm (Thursdays 2 – 8pm).

However if you can’t wait that long then their associated website is ready now.

There you can see dozens of photos and can listen to scores of interview extracts, with local people talking about the bandstand during the war, memories of the lido, clambering around Gilbert’s Pit and much more.

The website will be hosted initially for five years and archived with the Greenwich Heritage Centre and maybe even the British Library. Discussions are underway as to how the site can be kept up to date during that time and possibly further into the future.

At the forthcoming exhibition school groups as well as the general public are welcome. There will be special activities for visiting pupils to encourage them to actively participate in exploring their local history and further interviews will also take place.


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One Response to Final open event for Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project

  1. Paul says:

    I can remember the cyclocross.. at least 15 years before a mountain bike had even been thought of!

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