Crime warning: Be alert after muggings in Charlton Park

Thanks to Paul for getting in touch with this warning:

I live on the far side of Charlton Park, and the reason I am writing is that recently there have been a few attacks or muggings in the park.

The police are aware of this and one recent case involved my next door neighbour’s son. He was beaten up by a couple of teenagers who got off the 53 bus and followed him into the park to steal his iPhone.

The police got footage of them at the entrance of the park but there was no CCTV in the park itself to capture images of a quite violent attack.

Surely this highlights a clear need to have CCTV in the park. I am pretty sure that if people knew there was no CCTV in there they would think twice about walking through it at night. On the other hand maybe if thugs, young or old, knew this they might be more audacious in their attacks.

Sounds nasty. It does seem strange that there’s CCTV at the busier end of the park, but none at the other where you’d expect wrongdoers to make their getaway through quieter streets. The park’s open 24 hours a day and forms a vital cut-through for people who live around Canberra Road and Charlton Park Lane, so it does sound like they need better protection. I wonder what our local representatives have to say?

You may not know – they had very little budget with which to promote themselves, even before the recent police cuts – that the local police safer neighbourhood teams hold occasional “street surgeries” and drop-in sessions to listen to concerns like this, although unfortunately they’re held while most people are at work.

Around Charlton Park, Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward, which now has to share a sergeant with the adjoining Blackheath Westcombe ward, has one tomorrow (Weds 7th) at 2.30pm outside the Big Plate Cafe on Shooters Hill Road. The Charlton ward team are holding a drop-in surgery at the Charlton Triangle Homes office at Cedar Court, Cherry Orchard Estate at 4pm on Wednesday 14th December.

Covering the north of Charlton, there are also teams for Peninsula and Woolwich Riverside wards.