Talk about the future of Maryon Wilson animal park

This Sunday sees the return to the airwaves of In the Meantime at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Their studio guest this week is Tim Anderson. Tim, is the chair of The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Animal Parks. As you may be aware already, the animal care centre located in Maryon Wilson Park has been highlighted as a possible saving in the council’s budget plan. No changes will be made over the coming year, but the council are asking people to come up with ideas about how to keep the park going.

There’s been coverage of these plans and the campaign against it in the News Shopper and this site. There is also a petition and a Facebook page campaigning for the future of the animal park.

So tell them your feelings about this proposal. It’s not set in stone yet, but should we be cutting other services rather than the park? and if so, what services should be cut instead? What do you see for the future of the park? Will it find a rich patron? Will a local group or organisation rise up to take it over? Does someone have a fantastic idea to save it? Could the council still reverse the idea? Or, in the worst case scenario, how will it make you feel if it does indeed have to close? Tell In the Meantime your views.