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  1. neilclasper says:

    This Londonist article ( refers to “enthusiasts from the Charlton Lido Swimming Club”. I haven’t found any web presence for them, and wondered if this blog would be a good place for them to raise the profile of what’s going on (and not going on) with Charlton Lido. Obviously that would involve locating someone from the club – perhaps a reader knows someone involved.

    • Cheryl says:

      My dad was a manager there I spent all my summers the and he was manager of woolwich baths who he save a young girl I still have the paper clipping would love to see it open was going to put a pic of him and me taken there …some one might rember him

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  3. PlumBum says:

    How about the place behind the hospital? I think it is a social club/sports club but I don’t know much about what sports are available there, also I think there used to be a car boot sale there?

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  5. valley_girl says:

    Neighbourhood Watch – we’ve just received a flyer in Eversley Road asking for people to register interest in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. I’m thinking of registering but would be interested in knowing something about about the value and sustainability of such schemes in streets where there is a generally low level of crime and anti-social behaviour? Are there any successful schemes in Charlton?

  6. claims that Network Rail should check on the caves beneath Charlton’s railway lines.

  7. lynne rhodes says:

    Peoples thoughts on who decides what businesses are allowed to open in Charlton Village. I am constantly frustrated at how we are continuously subjected to the opening of shops that have no appeal to the average Charlton resident and that have absolutely no kerb appeal. Where are the nice cafe’s and shops that would revamp the generally shoddy appearance of the Village? Am I the only one who is of this opinion?

    • Rejory says:

      Wholeheartedly agree. As far as I know, Greenwich Council inherited from the Maryon Wilsons the shops on the Charlton House side of the Village. As for the other side, I’m not too sure but there does seem to be a determined effort to keep it as irrelevant and rundown as possible. As (according to Location, Location, Location) the ‘only village in Greenwich’ you’d think there would/could be a thriving community of shops & cafes!

      • Ang says:

        Agree! That reptile shop is hideous and we don’t need betting shops! An independent, stylish cafe with great coffee would be perfect! I would go there every weekend.

    • Chris Bloy says:

      what are people’s thoughts on the new cafe next to the florist?

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  10. Matias bilder says:

    How about a decent espresso in Charlton, had a coffee at Charlton Valley cafe which was horrible. I guess a lot of people have no idea of a good coffee.

  11. Brenda says:

    I have some questions on boring household stuff – I am looking for a window cleaner for the SE7 area. I know Nikki suggested one but i couldn’t get through on the number. I’m also after a reliable wheely bin cleaner. Not like the one I used before who turned up the second time and collected the money in the secret place without doing the ruddy cleaning. I’ve asked a few to call me back but no joy. My bins are kicking up a stink!

    • Sarah says:

      I can help you with both Brenda. I have used Wheelie World for a few years, they come every other Tuesday and charge £2.50. Tel: 07785 997 625. Our window cleaners are Nick & Gabi. They charge £6 for the front windows and come once a month. Tel: 07830 113000. Good luck!

  12. Lynne Rhodes says:

    Calling all local people who like to sell their crafts! For the first time ever, Thorntree School are hosting a Christmas Craft Market on Thursday 3 November 2011 from 7 – 9.30 pm.

    The market will be advertised on the internet and across the Borough so we hope it will attract lots of customers from Greewich, Blackheath and beyond!

    Table will cost £15. If you need any more info or would like to book a table, please drop me a line.

  13. Ann Bedwell says:

    I have just found your site whilst looking for photos of Charlton. I have just been looking at a website for memories of Plumstead and I think that would be a good topic on here.
    People post their memories and photos. I was born in Maryon Road Charlton in 1946 and remember the Coronation Party in 1953. Maybe a lot of people will think ” old fogies ” but it would be wonderful to have some where to share memories and photos of how it used to be.

  14. Thomas says:

    Sherington School has just been rated “outstanding” by Ofsted. Parents told by text message this morning.
    Given that when I moved to the area 9 years ago it was rated as a failing school, it’s quite an achievement.

  15. Cathy says:

    Can anyone tell me what has happened about the Tesco Express or Sainsburys moving underneath those newly sold flats near us at the top end off Floyd Road opposite Charlton Station.
    The builders have buggered off leaving a total mess and completely unfinished project. We have had many men and their wonderous machinery clearing sewers but still no joy. These are totally privately sold and owned flats which has become an eyesore of a fenced off derelict shell. Can anyone please tell us what is happening. And while I am at it the lighting is appalling down our street with pedestrians constantly tripping up on uneven pavement whichh is constantly strewn with dog mess, nappies,broken glass and litter, and what with the recent brutal attack on an innocent bystander we do need proper lit streets. Us women can’t defend ourselves in the dark never mind daylight and when chating to a a young female neighbour she was nearly raped down the alley that runs down the side of our house which is not lit and is strewn with rubbish which I constantly clear up because it is a private and the street cleaners have told me to sweep all the rubbiish into the streets whcih they will clear up afterwards whcih is not an ideal

  16. scarletmanuka says:

    I’ve seen signs go up about a Charlton Community Garden initiative… sounds like a good idea, are you able to get the details to put up on the blog, please?

  17. Jon Taylor says:

    Blackheath Cricket Club …. Welcomes cricketers from the area to join for the 2012 season. The club is located at The Rectory Field, Charlton Road. Established around 1862, it’s the club’s 150th year. Cricket has been played at The Rectory since 1886. Cricketers and supporters welcome.

  18. Exciting new community music project starting in Charlton next week! I am a Charlton based musician, passionate about uniting local people through music and the arts. As a result of this interest my music company (Soundcastle) and I will be running FREE community music sessions on Monday afternoons from February 27th to June 4th at 4.15 – 5.15 and 5.45-6.45pm. If you want to know more then check out or email me at ALL WELCOME! Thanks, Rachael

  19. Sarah Trevena says:

    Hi Darryl,
    Wondered if I was the only person concerned about the recent news about Councillor John
    Fahy’s alleged conflict of interest over the transfer of our public libraries to a trust called Meridian Link that he runs.
    Our beloved Maryon Park was in his safe hands and now it looks set to be run by a trust too
    Umm… why do Greenwich Council continue to invest so much trust in councillors like Fahy
    who are supposed to be a beacon of Culture and Leisure for the Borough but only seem to
    tread on our daisies and smudge the books?

  20. Aaron R says:

    Not sure if you have been hearing similar rumours, but I have now heard from several friends with connections to Thames Water (one a developer who has regular meetings with them, another who works for the company on the waste side) that the situation with the drought water levels is so bad that plans for standpipe only water supply is now almost certain for some areas over the summer. I’ve also heard that South East London (inc. Charlton) is likely to be the main target for standpipes due to its high residential population density, with West London, and the Olympic sights excluded. I’m hoping this is only rumour and emergency planning, but the warnings a worrying.

  21. neilclasper says:

    Can anyone recommend a local TV aerial installer?

  22. charles says:

    I would like to start a road runners club in charlton and i would like to have time trials. Also i have a good suggestion for a venue.

    I need support from local runners


  23. Son says:

    Hi, I jogged along the Thames path this afternoon and realized some construction work is going on at the corner of Lombard Wall and Riverside (it is used to be an industrial estate and it is big). Do you know what is going on there? thanks Son

  24. This may be a bit petty but i have spent days trying to get B&Q to collect a dumped trolley that is a traffic hazard. They will not come and pick it up despite numerous phone calls and the council do not include them on their agreed list of trolley collecting … they cover ASDA, Sainsburys but not B&Q apparently.
    Any ideas for ways to pressure them into acting to prevent a potential accident – i have moved it to safety but it gets moved back into the road.

  25. mark says:

    What is happening with the newly-built building at the top of Floyd Road, opposite the Post Office? This was built then left empty? rumours said Tesco Local was supposed to open there, but all i have seen appear there is grafitti about Charlton FC, you even have that photo of it on your blog. This looks like an eyesore, so can you find out what is occuring here please – because at the moment your just posting pictures on your blog showing it empty and boarded up, and not addressing why?

  26. James says:

    Coffee – can anyone recommend a decent espresso coffee in SE7 – for too long my/our SE7 ££ is being spent in SE3/10.

    • Sarah says:

      James: have you tried the Old Cottage Coffee Shop in Charlton Park? I really recommend it highly. It is run by lovely people, the food is fab and not pricey. I’m a tea-drinker so can’t promise you an espresso but given the name of the place, it seems quite probable. Don’t bother with SE3 or SE10 – SE7 is where it’s at!

      • James says:

        thanks for reply Sarah, yes aware of Old Cottage at Charlton Park – excellent place in every way but the coffee… will head up there again and see if it has improved – if so I might be moving in!

      • JJ&& says:

        The people running the Old Cottage are lovely people and really keen to improve and refine what they are offering. They have a proper espresso machine so if you like your coffee a certian way i’m sure they do it if you ask nicely. The more feedback and support they get the more likely we are to keep what is a really charming local amenity. Do give them another try.

      • James says:

        just for completeness… been back to the Old Cottage and still plenty of room for improvement with the coffee – everything else 10/10.

  27. Len Weir says:

    Lovely independent coffee bar in Charlton Village by War Memorial – use it or lose it

  28. Rejory says:

    Any thoughts on extending the Jubilee line from North Greenwich to Bexleyheath, via Charlton Riverside, Charlton Village, Woolwich Common, Shooter’s Hill, etc etc
    Wishful thinking I know!

  29. Amanda says:

    Pedestrian crossing at the junction of Victoria Way and Woolwich Road. Has anyone noticed this has been moved 6ft to the east? I am not sure what the advantage will be. That crossing needed a pelican crossing not just moving…… its a dangerous place to cross the road.

  30. Amanda says:

    I should be very grateful if older Charltonians could educate me about the building I live in on Victoria Way. As you walk down Victoria Way on the right there is a new build property where clearly there should have been a semi detached Victorian Villa. Was it a bomb site? did it burn down?? does anyone know the story of 135-137 Victoria Way?

    • Darryl says:

      Hello Amanda – I think the original housing was knocked down in the 1970s. Will try to do a post on it, as I’ve got some old newsletters about it (it caused a a row at the time).

    • Peter says:

      Victoria Way, I think that Darryl is right about property at 135 – 137 Victoria Way being built in the 1970s or 80s, An Orndance Survey map from the 1970s shows that the shape of the building on the siite then was identical to neighbouring properties, indicating that the property was rebuilt later..

      The houses at this end of Victoria Way (originally called Victoria Road) were built in the late 1850s on land that was part of an estate owned by George Rouple. Maps of bomb damage compiled at the end of WW2 by London County Council, show that the houses at the southern end (top of the hill) were damaged by bombs, possibly by a V1 or V2 which struck Mascalls just to the west. The map indicates that 135 -137 was only slightly damaged.

      • Amanda says:

        Am so grateful for your very full reply. I have always been interested in where I live and you have filled in the gaps. Much appreciated.

  31. Johnboyy says:

    Just seen the post about extending the Jubilee line. Would a tube be able to get up the hill from the river to Charlton Village?

  32. Lara says:

    With regards to the Metropolitan Police car pound – no joke, they have sent me the fine in writing and a telephone number to call, but the telephone number they supply on the form is not even for the Metro Police but is for a resident,, who is nothing to do with the Police!!! Which I find extremely poor due to this poor resident now receiving all calls for Fine enquiries.

  33. hamish says:

    Does anyone know if there are any plans to improve disaster zone that is the Woolwich Road Flyover junction? Every time I approach this junction I expect to be cut off or dinged by someone who isn’t in the right lane. The lack of any line markings or proper signs to indicate which lanes drivers should be in really does wind me up! I always approach the lane I feel should be the right one in order to exit correctly but I’m constantly cut up particularly when coming from Greenwich to head towards Sainsburys or Charlton. Its the same when coming off the A102 and when I want to turn right towards Charlton.

    Is there any more that will be completed as part of the Woolwich Road crossing and downgrading works which will include this junction?

  34. scarlet says:

    Why is it that the number of police regularly hanging around the entrance to Bramshot Ave (car pound side) has increased this year? One of them told me it was due to problems they were having with the volume of traffic at the pound and trying to control that. It is happening so often now that I am struggling to see how this is a good use of public funding and police time? It’s also making it far harder to cross the road to the shops and houses with all the cars being stopped, turned around and queued. Does anyone know what’s going on and when it’ll stop?

  35. Keith says:

    Would anyone care to share their thoughts on the Hornfair Park BMX track now that it’s been open for a while? I’ve used the track with my young sons many times and my experiences have always been positive but I remember many people opposing it before it was constructed on the grounds it would significantly increase anti-social behaviour…

  36. Amanda says:

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital ….. as many of you know this hospital is in administration having acrued huge debts as a result of the hospital being built by way of a PPI contract and the lunacy of the Department of Health who thought bringing together St Marys at Sidcup and Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley into one large Trust. 2 of these Hospitals were built on PFI contracts. It was always going to be a loss making combination as accountants would say but it was in fact for those hospitals a poisoned chalice. I should point out I am not an NHS employee just someone who is concerned about what happens next…

    At some point in the near future QEH will be subsumed by Lewisham who will lose some facilities…. how are these two hospitals meant to cope with a downgrade of services and a continuing debt at QEH?

    One does not have to look too far to see the problems….. the administrators costs at QEH are already over budget and that will continue, the costs of amalgamating Lewisham and QEH would in fact wipe out QEH’s debt. I predict that in 2 financial years after the amalgamation BOTH hospitals will be in debt and we as users wil be the worse for it.

    I had an operation at QEH for Dupuytrens Contracture….. best google it rather than me explain and I waited 8 weeks, the service at QEH was brilliant….. its not a broken hospital…. its PFI that is causing the problem – not clinical expertise or the dedication of QEH staff.

  37. Ang says:

    Hi, been living in Woodland Tce for a couple of years and just found out William Matthew Flinders Petrie, archaeologist (1853 –1942) was born in Maryon Rd Charlton, grandson of Matthew Flinders (I’m Aussie so I like that link). Anyone know why a Blue Plaque isn’t up there? Cheers

    • MiceElf says:

      For a blue plaque to be erected the original building needs to be intact. The house where Petrie was born no longer exists.

  38. Hello, we live on Church Lane opposite warren court, at the end of the gardens of our house and the neighbours all the way down to the turning for the heights there is a void between our gardens and the gardens for houses on the heights. It’s very overgrown and we were just wondering if anyone knows who owns it? It would make a lovely spot for a community gardening space or allotments 🙂

  39. JJ77 says:

    I’ve just noticed the sign in the empty shop next to the baguette in the village announcing that a new greengrocer will be owning soon. Sounds interesting, but does anyone have any more details?

  40. charles says:

    Can Charlton Church Lane have Royal Greenwich signs as it would look good especially on the corner of woolwich road. It is good publicity as its a up and coming area. Busses cross there and there is the station.

    Would do the area good in my opinion


  41. Hello, you’ve probably already seen it but the new greengrocer is fantastic! I got a whole weeks worth of veg (two large bags) for a family of four for under £10! It’s a lovely place and they do lots besides veg, e.g. sauces, milk, soy milk, yoghurt etc. I hope we all use it as it’s a great asset for our community 🙂

  42. Tam Lynn says:

    Can you discuss the consultation document posted to all Charlton residents last week with a plan to make Charlton into a 20mph zone and cover every street in Charlton with at least 3 speed bumps on every road

  43. charles says:

    Charlton Church Lane……

    Between Wellington Gardens and Nadine Street……

    The shops side of the lane…..

    Is this possibly the dirtiest pavement in Charlton?

    How do I get to post pictures on the Charlton Champion to show the pictures I have taken of the filthy state of this lane.

    The shop owners should also take some action in my opinion.

    I am a bit disgusted. The council need so come up with a solution to this problem.


  44. Dan Browne says:

    Please help! I received a letter through my door address to ‘Paul, SE7 7AB’. However nobody of this name lives in the building and inside is a lovely handrawn birthday card and poem from ‘Mia, Mummy and Albie’. Nobody of this name lives at our address, so I’m trying to re-unite the card with it’s owner. Does anyone have any idea at all who the intended recipient might be?

  45. Damian says:

    A good topic might be the ‘Charlton Riverside Masterplan’ and the councils intention to destroy over 100 local small businesses & associated jobs to build more riverside flats.

  46. Amanda Street says:

    Hi There is an on line petition to get the toilets in Charlton Park renovated by the council.

    Hopefully this link will work so you know what I’m talking about!



  47. Lauren says:

    I am posting on behalf of a small events team from the University of Greenwich. We are organising a traditional community afternoon tea event at The Old Library in the beautiful Charlton House on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th February. The event is intended with the retired residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich in mind, as an opportunity to socialise and enjoy an afternoon out of their normal routine. This is a not for profit event, but the price is £6.80 which includes a traditional afternoon tea, drinks and some live music entertainment! If you know of any groups/individuals that would be interested, could you please spread the word, it would be highly appreciated as it is difficult to reach this group within the community and we really want to make a difference. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any inquiries!

    Many thanks,

    Lauren Heyes

  48. Charlton resident says:

    I would like to suggest a topic regarding council tenants who do not look after their properties. There appears to be a real lack of action or ability in terms of dealing with anti-social council tenants who need to be made to take responsibility for the properties they are given.

    Ninety per cent of council tenants look after their homes, but the legislation protecting those who don’t seems to have totally the wrong focus. It’s as if the rights of these tenants far outweigh the rights of their neighbours. I live next door to such a tenant and used to be very much in favour of social housing before having the misfortune of living amidst noise and filth. It’s not good for parts of Charlton to be a dumping ground for people with problems. I don’t know what the solution is though. I don’t think it helps to give people houses for nothing, and then not educate them in how to look after those houses. But that’s another issue.

    I want to stress though that I am fully in favour of council housing for the vast majority of people who take care of their properties, and take pride in their community. It’s just a matter of looking after the needs of those who don’t have council properties and don’t get our properties repaired when there are knock-on problems from overgrown gardens etc. And finally, I know the same can apply to those living next door to people renting properties on a short-term basis. It’s just that in the case of council tenants there should be more that can be done to have them play by the rules.

    Charlton’s a good place to live. It should be looked after by those who live there, or if people can’t look after houses they should be given flats.

  49. Sammie Martin says:

    Does anyone else get a burning hatred for the closure of the roads because idiotic football fans don’t know how to walk on pavements? On more than one occasion I have been refused access to my home with my 2 young kids when I’ve been in my car. Also refused access when i was 39 weeks pregnant and needed to toilet to be bluntly told by a price officer he didn’t care i could walk round. Yes i could and be knocked over by drunk football fans. Also the mess the police horses leave along all the roads is disgusting, they should have a duty to clear it up and the club a duty to clear the fans mess!

    • Damian says:

      Fancy secretly building a football stadium when no none was looking. This should have stopped at the planning stage!

  50. Sarah says:

    Please can you share on your blog that local amazing lady Zoe Ayling will be running the London Marathon on 13 April to raise money for Charlton RDA, in memory of Tom Warren who used to love riding there before he sadly passed away. A very deserving Charlton cause, which I’m sure readers will agree.

  51. PAUL BREEN says:

    Hi, I have written a book about Charlton or rather a book featuring fictional characters with a strong connection to Charlton. It’s a work centred around the lives of people in the area who happen to follow the football club. Here’s a link to the book (slightly incomplete) –
    If you want to talk to me about it, or want further information you can email me at or my regular email of
    I have written for Charlton Champion before and have been to social events so you know me already. I just haven’t talked that much about my writing until now.

  52. Sally Fletcher says:

    Hi all, I’m thinking of moving to Charlton from South West London (we’ve heard good things!) but don’t know the area at all and I wondered if I can ask for some advice from the locals!

    What areas should we be looking? Are there any roads that are better than orhers or should be avoided?

    We commute to Canary Wharf everyday so would need to be somewhere that’s easy for transport.

    Thanks for your help


    • Spoon Taneous says:

      ‘The slopes’ near Charlton Train station; much better value for money than anywhere in SW London and you can get to Canary Warf in less than 30 minutes. There are many beautiful houses around that area mainly Victorian and Edwardian.

    • jjnse7 says:

      The first thing i’d say is, if you don’t know the area well it is worth spending a bit of time walking aorund the areas to get a feel for it, wander round the roads you like the look of visit the parks and have tea at the old cottage coffee shop. A quick drive around or just walking around the area by the station doesn’t really do the area justice.

      In terms of commuting pretty most of Charlton is convenient for the Wharf. There are a number of bus routes to North Greenwich where you are one stop away one the Jubilee Line. Alternatively you can take a train to Greenwich and pick up the DLR or a train or bus to Woolwich and DLR (although this takes you into zone 4 at the moment). If you cycle you can cross the river using the greenwich foot tunnel.

      In terms of where to lookit does depend to some extent on budget what sort of property you want and if you need to be near a school (a number of good Primaries in the postcode) but i can share my owne experience from househunts of areas you might want to explore more. Charlton is actually fairly small i dont think there are any areas to outright avoid but enivitability some bits are nicer than others.

      Ths slopes (broadly the area boardered by Chartlon road, Eastcombe ave and Wyndcliffe Rd) is, in estate agent speak, ‘ever popular’. It has mostly Victorian and Edwardian houses an flats and benfits from being close to blackheath standard with good shops and a M&S food as well as having the popular Sherrington School. the downside is that the houses tend to be on the smaller side as do the gardens.

      Charlton Central (I’ll steal the name from the residents association that is active here) boardered by Charton road again, Victoria Way, Charton Church Lane and the railway at the bottom has a number of very nice roads and well woth a look. Victoria Way has some very grand houses at the top pretty much all converted into flats now. Chalton Chruch lane on the other side has some nice Victorian houses at the top but gets scruffier towards the station and is a rather busy and narrow road. In between are a number of roads of predominately Victorian terraced houses, all of these are worth a look particuarlly Elliscombe, Priolo and Swallowfield. Just remember that one side of Delafied at the bottom backs onto the railway line.

      Between Charlton Church Lane and the 2 Maryon parks there is a real mix of property. Fairfield Grove has a small terrace of very pretty regency houses, Lansdowne lane and Charlton lane are also worth a look. Also worth giving serious consideration are the ex LA houses here, generally very nice and offer good value for money, some also directly overlook parkland.

      On the Eastern edge of Charlton on the other side of Maryon Wilson Park is a cluster of nice roads including Little Heath, Kinveachy and Heathwood Gardens and Wooldland Terrace offering a selection of mostly victorian houses . The houses on Little Heath are much larger than typical for Charlton most have 5 bedrooms and there are a few larger double fronted ones. The other roads are all very nice, some back onto parkland and they offer good value being typically slightly cheaper per square foot than the slopes or central charlton.

      Just to the south of Charlton park there are a few roads of 30s semis, some in Canberra rd have views over charlton park and Charlton house. Between here and shooters hill is an estate of local authority homes.

      As an addition, although its actually in SE3 so much posher Blackheath, just across Charton Road from the slopes area is the Rectory fields conservation area a cluster of tiney but very pretty cottages with some later infil.

  53. Clare says:

    Hi, can anyone please recommend a cleaner for a weekly job.

    Ideally locally based. Apolgs for boring admin.

    Thank you.

  54. clare says:

    can anyone recommend a good cleaner in the Charlton area?

  55. Ava says:

    I need a cleaner too! Must like cats…

  56. charles says:

    I would like t know if there is anyone out there who may know the history of the land and building which is on the corner of Charlton Church Lane and Nadine Street.

    I have heard it was rebuilt after a bomb destroyed a previous building here during the second world war.



  57. charles says:

    I would like to know if anyone knows why large trucks are coming out of Floyd Road and up Charlton Church Lane on a Saturday and Sunday morning?


  58. charles says:

    I would like to know whether the bridge or a tunnel will be built as a river crossing?

    Also, are the traffic calming measures going ahead for Charlton Church Lane and when? There was a consultation recently about this issue.

    Also, what is to be built on the old Matalan site?

    Is the travel lodge going ahead in Charlton???

    I suppose I have suggested a few interesting topics for debate.


  59. charles says:

    Topic for discussion:

    Royal Greenwich street signs

    They are slowely appearing here and there.

    Does anyone know the percentage completed ?

    Malborough avenue near Charlton house has a sign but at the other end of the road near Blackheath shopps it is the old sign? Why?

    Can we have signs put up for Nadine Street and Charlton Church Lane please. When are these signs going to be be replaced?



  60. James says:

    House Sitting wanted: 16th Aug – 7th Sept (or there abouts).

    Hi, anyone away on holiday and would like my parents to house sit; keep your house secure, look after pets.Happy to pay deposit etc etc.

    mid/late 60’s, non smokers, always had pets.

    They’re over from New Zealand… they normally stay with us but our 2nd will be ~4-6 weeks old so nice for them to also have their own space.

    Potential opportunity for any future trip down to NZ – they have great place down there.

    Please let me know if interested.

    thanks, James.

    077 8899 1490

  61. Spoon Taneous says:

    I am not sure if you have shared the current consultation on your blog about the River crossing. The deadline for replies is 12th Sept 2014 and this is the link to it.
    They have different options and are asking which you think would be best.

  62. Mary Bauckham says:

    Who’s in charge of collecting litter from that alleyway that goes between the Woolwich Road and ‘Shedland’- you know- the Charlton shops near Asda? I went through there the other day and it was really, really bad!

  63. Alby says:

    Charlton Riverside: where we stand as of today? I moved to Charlton recently and was very interested in the new development. The area really needs a cleanup. True that there are few businesses to be kept but we need to think of Pollution, housing ,attracting new people (in particular professional) living in the area, creating a riverside where people can walk along, with green stripes, and restaurant facing the river.. With Sainsbury and M&S on their way , the area is getting more services ,but we need also a better enviroment.. a recycling site (Murphys) and Tarmac should not be here…

    • Damian says:

      Recycling and Tarmac provide jobs in the area! Redeveloping every bit of riverside means a few get mega rich but the majority lose the last remaining bit of character the river has this end of London. In return we get blocks of ugly flats and lego walkways. No thanks!

      • Alby says:

        Damian, those few jobs from Recycling site and Tarmac can move with business itself…Few mega rich? Loosing Bit of character? the pollution , dirt and smell and ugly site you call it character? Much better flats /townhouses, a riverwalk… more services and also more professionals living in the area… that will bring more money and more opportunities for businesses (restaurants/shops) and more work…That’s the way to attract investiments and opportunities. Create an area for professionals to live and you will see everyone benefiting…

    • Damian says:

      Albie why should they move? London and the waterfront is hardly in short supply for faceless bland blocks of flats perfect for professionals. It’s not just those 2. There are numerous small businesses down there from mechanics to engineering to instrument calibraters to paint shops, body shops etc etc. Move where? Miles away from where they have set up and built a customer base. And the employees should move to? Or perhaps they should leave their skilled or semi skilled job and get new jobs in the development serving wine and cheese to all the newly moved in professionals?

      • Mary says:

        Well said, Damian! I do hate the word “professionals”! We want an integrated community with people doing all sorts of work…and yes, nice places to hang out for everyone!

  64. Charles says:

    I agree that the whole of Charlton needs a clean up and that Murphys and Tarmac should not be there. Look at the the shop side of Charlton Church Lane on a Monday morning and see all the trash in the street. Its disgusting.

  65. Ava says:

    I’d love it if Charlton had a wine and cheese bar in the village so I didn’t have to go to Blackheath or Greenwich. Could walk home

    • jjnse7 says:

      I’ve been told that during the late 80s and early 90s there was a wine bar/restaurant in the village and that one of the waiters was a local drama student by the name of Jude Law. It would be great if somewas was brave enough to give it a go again.

    • Alby says:

      Ava, you need new homes and people( with jobs) to get nicer bars ,restaurants and shops in charlton…..

  66. Ava says:

    Wow amazing!
    A new wine/cheese bar has opened in Blackheath and I was walking past thinking how nice it would be to have one in Charlton Village

  67. Ava says:

    It’s just a matter of time. The riverside land that the industrial areas are on will be just too valuable to resist selling. London is projected to have between 12 and 13 million people by 2050, they have to fit somewhere. Also the new river crossings will only increase the attractiveness of the land as somewhere to live.
    How many car body shops, garages, panel beaters will be needed by then with less car ownership. They represent the old world. Antique fireplace shop and wrought iron manufacturers? Give me a break

    • Damian says:

      Yes of course there are far less cars every year, as evidenced by the almost empty roads and the need for new river crossings……………………………

      • Ava says:

        Private car use is going down and car licensing in a lot of developed countries, hence the rise of car sharing clubs. River crossings don’t just mean for cars. I work for an infrastructure firm so have some insider knowledge about trends.

      • Damian says:

        Not enough so that we can start getting rid of the infrastructure needed such as garages and body shops. Your previous comment regarding the businesses you would happily shovel out of the way so property developers can make their millions and professional can move in was simply flawed. Fixate on vehicle support businesses if you like but there is a huge variety of employment down there and I’d rather see it grow than get swept aside so someone else can get stung buying an undersized poorly built and ugly flat.

  68. jjnse7 says:

    I’ve read the recent comments on the Charlton Riverside with great interest, although there are comments that i agree and disagree with what i find encouraging is that people are interested in Charlton and the way it might change (or not) in the future. There is a Chartlon Riverside master plan from 2012 on the greenwich council website that sets out a somewhat vague vision for the furture but this does include a mix of residential, retail, commercial, creative and industrial zones. I’m not sure quite how this has moved on in the interviening years but i’d encourage anyone who has not seen it to have a look.

    It would also be great to see some of the on-line interest turned into more active participation. I think there was a local group looking at this but i nnot sure what became of it. We don’t have an obvious mechanism for respresnting the views of Chartlon as a whle within the wider Greenwich borough, perhaps the Charlton socitey comes closest to doing this, but perhaps by asking coucillers and the council about it and demonstrating that people are engaged and interetsed in the future of Charlton we are more likely to get some osrt of input into shaping it.

  69. Ava says:

    Has the Dry Cleaner in the village closed down? Just went past on the bus and the shop looks deserted with a sign on the door that I couldn’t read while going past. He was a really nice bloke, was going to drop in a bunch of dry cleaning this week. On another note, that spot would make a great wine bar/deli!

  70. Vicki says:


    I thought you and your readers may like to know that the Charlton Lido & Lifestyle Club pool programme for the Spring has been published and it has some extended sessions. You can pick up the timetable from reception on your next visit. The Spring timetable will commence on Monday 30th March (the start of the school Easter holidays). In short it is :
    Monday 7-2pm, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday 2-8pm, Thursday 2-8pm, Friday 7-2pm and weekends 9-5pm.
    An email to members has also been sent this afternoon regarding the next customer forum, if you want to receive the email and have not, please notify reception who can add you to the database.
    The team look forward to seeing you and your followers at the Club soon.

  71. Claire says:

    Our Lady of Grace Primary School will shortly be submitting a planning application to allow for a new school building on the field fronting Highcombe and redevelopment if the current school site on Charlton Rd with houses/flats and a new community hall. A previous application was declined.

    Come along to Our a Lady of Grace School, 145 Charlton Rd this Tuesday, 14/04 at either 15:45 – 17:00 or 18:30 – 20:00 for a public question and answer session on the plans for the site and the construction process which may commence this summer.

    This iis likely to be of interest to you if you are concerned that (1) children can get school places, (2) land designated as community open space is used for that purpose, (3) potential noise from a new community hall (4) potential increase in traffic congestion, dangerous parking and increased risk of accidents involving school chidren and (5) the housing and hall development being in keeping with the Rectory building.

  72. Vicki says:


    A brief update from Charlton Lido & Lifestyle Club as I know a few of you and your readers like swimming at the Lido. Our Summer programme is coming into place on Monday 25th May. The programme will run throughout summer and be replaced by an Autumn programme around September (yet to be finalised).

    The Summer Programme is :
    Monday 6.30am – 8.00pm
    Tuesday 7.00am – 8.00pm
    Wednesday 7.00am – 8.00pm
    Thursday 7.00am – 8.00pm
    Friday 7.00am – 8.00pm
    Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm
    Sunday 9.00am – 5.00pm

    The Teaching Pool will be opened on demand on busy hot days, we do advise users call reception to check about the Teaching Pool if it is specifically wanted. Remember to book your tickets online in advance as this will save you money and also allow you to by-pass the queues when we are very busy.

    Also please note the Bank Holidays in May we will be open 9.00am – 5.00pm, the Lido and Gym will be open all day between these hours. The Group Exercise Classes will run as usual, if programmed between 9.00am – 5.00pm usually.

    We are happy to consider more early morning openings for commuters (eg. 6.30am starts) as and when the current early morning sessions becomes more busy.

    We look forward to seeing you for a swim soon!!

  73. Sebastian says:

    Looks like the liberal club building has been sold to Thames View developers.
    Is there another battle to be had to ensure the beautiful villa is kept in any proposal?

  74. Sebastian says:

    I just noticed a whacking big new directional traffic sign for the SUPERSTORE outside the train station near the width restriction, cluttering this already terribly cluttered spot even more! Ugly and unneccessary, at least not at this size! On two poles. Proofs: Yes it is possible to make this spot even uglier

  75. hi there
    i know you mention that you can’t do a folow up with all stories, but i wonder what was happening with the book group that Gemma (i think her name was?) was starting? Do you have contact details for that group?

  76. Richard Lovegrove says:

    Please could you post up something about the Highcombe Site Planning Proposal….
    The Planning Board meets this Thursday 17th. September 2015 at in rooms 3 and 5 at Town hall, Wellington Street, Woolich. This will be item 2 on the agenda and will the last chance for residents to influence the outcome of the plans. A large turn out would help our views at the least to be listened to. Rectory Fields Residents Group and Charlton Slopes Community Group as well as Charlton Community Gardens will be speaking against the plan. A petition with 100 local signatures has also been presented for comment.We hope to have the school develop on it’s present site and keep Highcombe Fields as Community Open space to be used for school curriculum activity and play and wider community access and stop the future development of houses on Community Open Space.

  77. robbsaban says:

    Had the opportunity to take a picture of the original windows in the old cottage cafe in Charlton Park today, a charming reminder of days past……
    It was briefly uncovered for minor repairs, then, covered back up again.
    Have shared it in my ident box as didn’t know how else to do it, may be of interest to some…..

    • Rejory says:

      Interesting. Shame they can’t uncover them permanently though of course they wouldn’t last 5 minutes!

  78. MarkO says:

    Hi, there’s a new kids Taekwondo class that started up a few weeks ago called FORCE 5 Taekwondo. It has classes for 3-5 yrs, 5-7 yrs, 8-12 yrs and 12 yrs plus. There are classes in various locations around the borough including Mycenae House and the Charlton Assembly Rooms. The website is

    Any chance this could be distributed to subscribers? I also have a pdf flyer but am not sure how to upload it. I’m not affiliated in any way to the club other than having a 4 year old and an 8 year old who love their classes.


  79. stephen baycroft says:

    Re: Charlton site ‘C6: Angerstein Triangle, Bramshot Avenue’ (currently the police carpound). The 16th February issue of ‘Greenwich Times’ (p.10) includes an article ‘Make Plans for Empty Sites’ in which Greenwich Council invites local residents to use its website ( to comment on the future use of certain sites in the borough including the above site which is of particular interest to those living in West Charlton and adjacent areas. The Council proposes that the above site be used in future for industrial purposes. I commented on the Council website that this site should instead be rezoned into parkland and/or community facilities, thereby reducing the air and sound pollution caused by the HGVs currently delivering empounded vehicles to this site, and helping to consign all industrial activities to the area north of the E-W railway line between Charlton and Westcombe Park. I forgot to mention how limited access was to the above site for vehicles, and the physical risks to local residents of all ages of HGVs (some of which carry eight or more vehicles) using feeder roads to this site that were not designed for such traffic. The use of the above site also needs to change to address the major demographic shift in the population of this area with an ever-increasing number of new families coming to live in the West Charlton area and/or using its expanding school infrastructure.
    I hope you will use the council website to leave comments about the above site and recommend that this site be rezoned in order to assist the transition of Charlton to a fully residential area with quieter and less polluted roads suitable for the increasing number of people who want to live here and use its schools, thereby enhancing the sense of community. Please also tell other individuals/interested parties about the above consultation so that they can make their own comments on the Council website.
    Kindest regards, Stephen

    • Damian says:

      I support the council proposal. people need jobs. Too many industrial sites have been destroyed to make way for residential in Greenwich already.

      • stephen baycroft says:

        Heavy industry is gradually shifting to the outer London boroughs (4 to 6) and beyond leaving the inner boroughs with greater freedom to reduce industrial pollution and to follow other major cities in promoting post-industrial working patterns, cycling and public transport for their ever-increasing population densities. Given that the latter is being heavily promoted by both of the major political parties it seems sensible to make contributions to the debate that will maintain and hopefully improve the health and wellbeing of the local population (in this case West Charlton and adjacent areas) by reducing the air, sound and vibration pollution from HGVs bringing vehicles to and from the Angerstein Triangle site. The landlocking of this site by railway lines makes the pollution situation worse than is the case for other industrial sites in the borough, perhaps shift the carpound to land east of Thamesmead? We shall see…

        • Damian says:

          Who said anything about heavy industry? I doubt anyone will want to produce steel there. Local industry providing local jobs that people can walk (or cycle) to. Cottage industry, food production etc whatever. It doesn’t have to mean tail backs of artic and smoke belching chimneys.
          If landlocking has made the site over polluted in comparison to other areas then parkland would seem a rather silly idea. I prefer my parks to be a healthy exercise.

          • stephen baycroft says:

            A compromise that enabled the site to be used for people to live and work (rather than just work) there is one way to proceed. Such a usage would fit the life-work patterns increasingly being lived in the borough as a whole, and could still include some parkland and other communal facilities of use both to residents and to local people living in adjacent areas to the site.

  80. Martin says:

    The new management in the bugle horn are bringing the pub back to a great place to meet and enjoy a drink, with a Refurb planned in the next few months I can see it being the heart of the village

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  82. Vhon says:

    Is there a residents association that covers Charlton Church Lane? Charlton Central Residents say its not them.

  83. Evelyn Blakemore says:

    Can you help when is the work suppose to start in Littleheath or are they waiting for another ancient to happen.

  84. MiceElf says:

    This is an update on the safety measures on Hillreach

    Dear Mrs Lawson,

    Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in both progressing the scheme as discussed and advising you of the delay.

    We had some problems with the detailed design of the proposed raised junctions concerning drainage and footway levels and therefore had to revise the design which has delayed the programme.

    The proposed scheme now comprises three raised tables on Hillreach itself, rather than the two at the junctions with Erwood Road and Woodhill. Two of the tables are located close to these junctions but the drainage is now greatly simplified. The third raised table is to be located at the existing pelican crossing which will be raised to the level of the adjacent footway. The speed cushions further to the east on Hillreach and the other details remain as we discussed previously. The revised arrangement is shown on the attached plan.

    The revised design is currently undergoing an independent road safety audit and we should have the results back shortly. We will then be carrying out consultation with residents and, assuming a positive outcome, anticipate works commencing on site in November.

    My apologies again for the delay and we will be distributing the consultation documents in the next few weeks.

    I trust this answers your enquiry but if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Many thanks


    Richard Cornell
    Principal Engineer
    Strategic Transportation
    Royal Borough of Greenwich

  85. LR says:

    I am interested to know if anyone has heard of the plans to build flats following the sale of the paper storage facility on Victoria way that runs along the back of Gurdon and Dupree Road. It appears ground testing has already been completed but I’ve been unable to locate any plans. It may be a similar project to 40
    Victoria way that went ahead despite the local council rejecting proposals.

    Many thanks
    Local resident

    • Darryl says:

      The plans to develop the remainder of the old Thorn Lighting/ “40 Victoria Way” site have been kicking around for years, but nothing’s made it into the public domain. Would imagine they’ll sail through planning, to be honest (the rest of the site was rejected by Greenwich because of air pollution concerns from the A102; something overturned by planning inspectors).

  86. Malcolm Hardy says:

    Part of the Enderby family of Enderby Wharf lived in Old Charlton in the 1840s. Does anyone know where or if house still standing?

  87. Martin lee says:

    The newly refurbished bugle horn pub in charlton village did an amazing job on Saturday raising money and awareness for ‘make a wish’ charity.
    There was an auction with a signed Charlton top and a signed millwall football aswell as customers shaving their hair to raise money!
    Great to see people pulling together for a good cause….

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  89. Rob says:

    Consultation description

    Seeking views on the future of the South Eastern rail franchise to ensure the new franchise delivers the best railway for passengers, communities and businesses.

    This consultation closes at
    11:45pm on 23 May 2017

  90. aminaadewusi2015 says:

    Hi guys, we’re putting on a free meditation class in Charlton House to which everyone is welcome! It’s on Tue 25 April and will feature an amazing sitar player so should be a wonderful night. It would be great to share it on this website so local residents can find out about it. Thank you so much!

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