Charlton ward Labour candidate picked despite being condemned by judge

Linda Perks
Linda Perks was picked in September to represent Charlton ward in May’s council election (image: Sky News)

A Labour candidate in May’s Greenwich Council election was condemned by a judge last year after “flagrantly” breaking the rules of the UK’s biggest public sector union to help its general secretary get re-elected.

Linda Perks, who was formerly Unison’s London regional secretary, was picked last September to represent Charlton ward in this spring’s poll.

Her selection came just four months after it was ruled that she breached union regulations by calling on her staff at Union to vote for Dave Prentis, and for “openly campaigning” for him during working hours.

After hearing a recording of Perks which was posted online by an anonymous whistleblower, Judge Mary Stacey said her tone was “not just confident but swaggering in so openly breaking the rules, but chilling in its brazenness and demonstration of unchecked power”.

The judge said Perks’ behaviour was “extremely shocking”.

Greenwich Labour has said that Perks was “open and transparent” about the issue when she put herself forward for selection and that she will continue to stand in the election. Perks herself has not responded to a request for comment.

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