Cllr Gary Parker’s Charlton Ward Report: Summer 2017

Gary Parker

Charlton ward councillor Gary Parker brings us up to date with what he’s been doing in the local area and at the town hall.

As a Charlton ward councillor I have dealt with over 2,500 personal cases both at my surgery and on an informal basis, with many positive results. I have significant knowledge, skills and experience on many issues including, housing, noise and nuisance, employment, benefits, anti-social behaviour, education, air quality, council services and social care. Since I have been a councillor I have conducted over 400 surgeries at Charlton House and other locations. Myself and my co-councillors conduct a surgery every Friday on a rota basis at Charlton House, 7.00-8.00pm, no appointment is needed. Or you can email, call or tweet us.


Community & Environment – I have met local residents with regard to street
cleaning, environmental issues and anti-social behaviour in the Wellington Gardens/
Charlton Church Lane/ Floyd Road/ Victoria Way areas. I am continuing to monitor this

Air Pollution – I have been approached by local residents regarding a number of
issues related to air pollution and planning, I am currently researching these issues and will raise them at the appropriate level. I also asked a question on this issue at the last Regeneration Scrutiny panel in July. I continue to be concerned about the high levels of pollution in our area and I am working hard to raise these issues when I can and will continue to work with local groups and individuals.

Planning – I have been working with the Charlton Society, Charlton Central Residents Association and Wyndcliff Residents Association, and other local groups and individuals regarding a range of planning issues. I have raised a wide range of planning issues again on behalf of local residents. I have objected to a planning application in the Victoria Way area, which will now go to the planning board. I also attended the July meeting of the planning board.

I have also meet local residents regarding planning applications related to Fred Styles House and issues related to The Heights in the post-Grenfell environment. I am closely reviewing planning applications with regard to health and safety and air pollution issues.

Raised some issues about the impact of revalued business rates at the Labour Group [of Greenwich councillors]. This will also have an impact on small businesses/ retailers in Charlton. I am very concerned about the impact on local businesses. I am still following these up and will report on this at a future date.

Ward Budgets – Submitted a further ward budget project to officers for consideration and I am now pleased to say that the ward budget request from the Charlton Society for their events programme has now been agreed by myself and my co-councillors. I also gave advice to other groups wishing to apply – please contact myself or my co-councillors for advice on this.

Raised some issues about the impact of revalued business rates, at the Labour Group this will also impact on small businesses/ retailers in Charlton. I am very concerned about the impact on local businesses.

Attended a meeting with other councillors regarding the possibility of supporting a Charlton sign post in the Village.

I attended the July meeting of the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust of which I am a

I attended the 95 th birthday party of Jean Crocombe, local resident, former teacher in
the area and Labour Party member – my best wishes to you Jean! and also engaged
with local residents present about issues of interest and listened to their views.


Still dealing with a large amount of planning and housing related casework. Raised a very large amount of planning related casework, which is ongoing. Attended all relevant surgeries and did some home visits too.


Attended main council meeting in July

Chaired Community Safety & Environment Scrutiny (CSE) Panel and attended Regeneration Scrutiny panel.

I also convened a meeting with council officers regarding the special meeting of the
CSE panel on anti-social behaviour in February 2018, more on this in the autumn.

Thanks to Gary for his report. If you’ve an issue to raise with him, please drop him a line via the council website: He’s also on Twitter: @CllrG2013.