Charlton ghost sign uncovers long-lost Arthur Cooper wine merchant

Bramshot Avenue
Work to convert a corner shop in Bramshot Avenue into a house has revealed a sign belonging to a long-gone chain of wine merchants.

The ghost sign reveals the old off-licence on the corner of Wyndcliff Road used to be part of the Arthur Cooper chain of wine merchants, which by the 1970s was a 300-strong chain of stores, mainly across southern England and south Wales.

Arthur Cooper wine merchant

Part of the Courage brewing giant, the name fell into disuse by the 1980s and the chain seems to have been all but forgotten about.

If you remember this as Arthur Cooper, it’d be great to hear your memories. You can still bid for some Arthur Cooper wine coasters on eBay…

(Thanks to Tweeter @CDPL1 for pointing me in the right direction on Arthur Cooper.)

2 thoughts on “Charlton ghost sign uncovers long-lost Arthur Cooper wine merchant

  1. Maggie Jones February 16, 2015 / 12:58

    I’m sure when I was at Sherington Junior girls in the 1950’s this was a sweet shop. We bought sherbet dips in there.

    • Dave Rudd January 25, 2016 / 18:12

      Just seen this .. almost a year later.

      Yes, definitely a sweet shop in the 1960’s. Those of us at Sherington were regular customers.

      I do recall the shop becoming an off-licence later, and I have a vague recollection of an ad for ‘Courage, Barclay and Simmons’ (or something like that) on the Wyndcliffe Road face of the building.

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