Do you have photos of the Charlton Park prefabs?

54/366 Palaces for the people?

An interesting museum has opened in Catford – the Prefab Museum, which is open until May on the Excalibur Estate and recreates the atmosphere of these temporary homes erected in the 1940s. See the Prefabs – Palaces For The People website for more.

But while the Catford prefabs survived for decades, those in Charlton are long gone. Carol Kenna of the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project has a question:

“The CPRP project was told about the prefabs that were along Canberra Road backing into Charlton Park this was up to the end of the 1950’s. During the project we could never trace any photos of this. I have now been contacted by a gentleman who lived in one of the prefabs asking if we had any photographs.

“Could you ask your other readers if they have any, whether they would accept them – if they do – being passed on and also added to the Parks website.”

If you have any photos, drop Carol a line via the project’s website.

(Photo of Catford’s Excalibur Estate courtesy of Clare Griffiths on Flickr.)

6 thoughts on “Do you have photos of the Charlton Park prefabs?

  1. marymills March 25, 2014 / 13:55

    No – but – please share with Carol if you want. I think there is a brief shot of the prefabs which were in Woolwich Road (Phipps and Hartwell site) in ‘Dodging the Column’ – the short film about a fractionating column being taken from Charlton to Grangemouth. Its on Youtube (and well worth watching if only for the mutilation of the bus stop in Woolwich Road)
    and. When I first moved to Greenwich there were prefabs on the John Roan site. At the time we were told the Council had sold them to a holiday camp – are they still there??

    with reference to Excalibur. Hopefully someone from the campaign is going to come and talk to Greenwich Industrial History Society, but I am still waiting for confirmation of that. Sorry I missed their tea party because ( – er – someone else got the date wrong)

  2. maryorelse March 26, 2014 / 12:21

    Hope you did watch ‘Dodging the column’.

  3. Barbara March 28, 2014 / 22:52

    You can see the prefabs along the edge of the Park, as well as what looks like allotments behind
    in another of these aerial photos:

    You’ll need to register on the website in order to zoom in to see the detail.

    • Carol Kenna April 1, 2014 / 11:35

      Many thanks Barbara, I will pass this on. Carol

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