Eastcombe Avenue rubbish, and Russian poo-lette

Eastcombe Avenue, 16 February 2013

After the post on Floyd Road, it’s a Dirty Charlton special. David writes…

I’ve been living in SE7 for the past 3 years and I’m fed up with the amount of rubbish that is thrown on the street in Eastcombe avenue, the end of Eversley Road and especially Kirkside underpass.

The council collect the rubbish every Monday but by the weekend it has built up again and looks very dirty and pretty ugly.

I was wondering if anyone else is also fed up with this and is interested in creating a group to collect the rubbish early on a Saturday morning so it look much better over the weekend? I reckon it would take one person about 25 mins.

I have mixed feelings about clean-up operations – we pay the council to clean up rubbish through our council tax, and if the council doesn’t do it right, we should be getting onto local councillors and telling them to sort it.

But then again, if it’s the only way to get things fixed, then it’s the only way, and perhaps it can shame others into action. Do you want to help David? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll pass on your details.

Speaking of the underpass from Bramshot Avenue to Siebert Road in Blackheath, it had some fetching artwork in it last weekend – now removed, presumably not to an auction house in the US.

Siebert Road subway


Speaking of filthy streets – and complaining to Greenwich Council – I had this email a few weeks ago from Clare:

I was wondering if Charlton Champion would be the place to cover the unpleasant issue of dogs waste? It is an absolute blight where I live ( Tallis Grove, and often worse on Highcombe near the allotment). Literally every 10 steps you need to divert your course and face the terrible consequences if you take your eyes off the pavement. It is Russian “poo”lette if you need to walk there after dark!

I have a toddler and we cannot walk around the block without wending our way through the piles of mess. I have written to the council – so maybe thats the best course of action and maybe charlton champion should deal with more pleasant matters!

Tallis GroveOddly enough, since Clare sent me this email, things might have improved. I’ve been waiting to capture a photo of Highcombe looking a mess – but to no avail. Even the fly-tipping seems to have eased. Complaining can work. And what’s this stenciled onto Tallis Grove?

There are streets in Charlton notorious for sporadic outbreaks of dog muck – bad owners tend to come and go, I guess – and Greenwich Council can be handy with the stencils (which have caused controversy elsewhere in SE London). But do they work? Share your experiences below – after wiping your feet, of course.

13 thoughts on “Eastcombe Avenue rubbish, and Russian poo-lette

  1. Lisa February 25, 2013 / 09:07

    I can’t comment on the areas mentioned, but the amount of dog mess on Delafield Road has certainly increased.

  2. Sheila Dobner February 25, 2013 / 09:52

    The Council cleared up the next day when I rang them just after Christmas about rubbish at the Wyndcliff Road busstop which had been there for around 3 weeks.

  3. Clare February 25, 2013 / 11:50

    I love the comments on that old Brockley Central thread…

    One problem is that some of the poo isn’t dog poo – foxes don’t tend to have owners following them round bagging up their droppings unfortunately.

    Round here we have steaming poo stencils and dog poo bins that are frequently overflowing with delights… I’ve often thought about chronicling it myself.

  4. brian February 25, 2013 / 13:08

    I live near the supermarket (not corner shop) on Inverine Road and it is amazing the number of people that just empty their car ash trays in the gutter and drop wrappers, lotto cards at the base of the council provided waste bin! On one occasion as I was clearing the mess a guy in a van leaned out of his window and dropped his litter – looking me in the eye before driving off!
    Patrols and fines would be a good idea …..

    • Cara February 26, 2013 / 22:21

      We live on Eastcombe Ave and pretty much every morning I pick up litter that’s been dropped outside our house. It’s then a game of ‘dodge the dog poo’ on the walk to school. On the upside, if you need a sit down on the way, there’s often an abandoned sofa on the street you can make use of.

      I email the council every time the litter gets really bad and they do seem to clear it but it soon builds up again. The thing I don’t understand – and have asked about – is that there seems to be a street cleaner working every day on Westcombe Hill – just a short walk under the underpass and we could have a litter-free road as well.

      And don’t get me started on the drivers speeding along Eastcombe at 60mph, using it as a rat run as there’s no traffic calming measures. Apparently we need to stack up a few fatalities before any measures are considered.

      Rant over!

      • David February 28, 2013 / 19:57

        I live in eversley road and I sometimes can’t believe the amount of rubbish that found on eastcombe avenue and the siebert road underpass. I think some public bins and some warning signs against littering are needed to hopefully prevent it.

        I didn’t know that there was a street cleaner on westcombe hill each day, if so a street cleaner is definitely needed to prevent this constant build up of rubbish on the SE7 side of the A2.

      • Sian March 6, 2013 / 14:20

        Cara, I totally sympathise with your rant. I’m sitting here in my living room getting put off by the ‘car a second – punctuated by bus’ going past! I really don’t understand why we can’t have traffic calming – is that actually what the Council said? We need fatalities?! I think SE3 always gets a better deal but they’re probably more pushy and organised. I used to live in Elliscombe Rd and there was an active residents association there. Maybe we should do something similar for Eastcombe Avenue and the roads coming off it? Has there ever been any plans for something like this? Anyone interested?

  5. Mrmoist369 March 6, 2013 / 15:20

    I walk from my house on Charlton Lane to Charlton train station and walking along Harvey Gardens everyday is like walking through a dog poo minefield! It seems to be getting worse and worse and to add to the issues after the football on a Saturday we are left with piles of horse poo too. Is there no way of getting Charlton Athletic to take up the issue as most of it is outside their ground!

    • 16" East March 15, 2013 / 21:54

      I am surprised that the Eastcombe Estate doesn’t have is own group like the Central Charlton Residents Association (CCRA). How about Charlton Slopes Residents or Eastcombe Area Residents Group ?

  6. charles June 20, 2013 / 21:45

    Right, may I share my thoughts…

    Charlton has really become disgustingly filthy.

    I have pictures of the filthy street called Charlton Church Lane

  7. Jason July 17, 2014 / 00:10

    I live on Eastcombe. It is disgusting.
    Especially in the summer months, all the doggy doo & if you leave your windows open you then have smell & the noisey A2. Thats another story. Only going to get worse though with that ruddy great retail park extension. Eastcombe already used as a through way. Noise & polution about to increase!

    • Jason July 17, 2014 / 00:15

      Also i see a man walking a golden labrador into bernard ashley way. He lets his dog poop everywhere & never picks it up. Also down the siebert rd underpass on the verge of grass se3 side. Disgusting.

  8. Julie blue Shoes November 13, 2014 / 20:33

    Hmm. Just came across this forum. Interesting & does raise questions about our street. I rent a flat on Eastcombe. The cars seem to have increased but I don’t understand why? I notice the retail park coming to completion, maybe this will take away some of the parking issues? I’m assuming people are parking here because it’s free parking & two train stations within walking distance to Central? The buses do come down here at speed sometimes. I complained to the Lewisham office yesterday. As for the dog poo, it’s always been like this. If I see anyone, they’ll know about it..

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