It Asda be bigger – supermarket plans Charlton expansion

Supermarket wars could be about to break out in Charlton as it emerged Asda is hoping to expand its Bugsbys Way store and use it as a base for its home delivery service.

The shopping giant’s plans sound spookily like those for Sainsburys, which is planning to move from Greenwich to a nearby site in 2014 as part of a wider redevelopment of Charlton’s retail parks. Tesco is also building a giant store in Woolwich.

No further details were available, although it seems Asda’s plans are at an earlier stage to those of Sainsburys, which is also planning a store with space for home delivery vans.

Asda’s plans were revealed by store representative Hope Augustus – who also took on board gripes about abandoned shopping trolleys – at last night’s Charlton Riverside Action Group meeting, which pulled in a healthy crowd, including a raft of Greenwich councillors and local MP Nick Raynsford.

Also discussed…

  • Construction of the new Travelodge at the foot of Victoria Way is not due to begin until the New Year, and is due to take 12 months – meaning it will miss the Olympics.
  • There was some heated discussion about the section 106 agreements (cash given by developers to councils for community benefit) on the Travelodge scheme and (potentially, if approved) the Sainsburys/M&S scheme, where it is not certain any of the benefits will be immediately obvious in the Charlton area. For example, while we might expect cash to go to, say, a new building at Charlton station, it might just disappear into the council’s education budget. If you have any suggestions on what Travelodge should be doing in the area, get in touch with your local councillor.
  • Much discussion about the awful road junction at Charlton Church Lane, the “dance of death“, and steering traffic away from the A206 between there and the Woolwich Road flyover in Greenwich. Suggestions included a left-filter traffic light for westbound traffic entering Charlton Church Lane, and better signage at the Blackwall Tunnel exit to steer traffic towards Bugsbys Way and not Woolwich Road.
  • The shoddy state of the Asda footpath was also discussed, with Hope Augustus revealing two of her colleagues had been mugged in the dark there. It is due for partial redevelopment as part of the Travelodge scheme.
  • Two left-field proposals for Maryon Park – a “green bridge” to the Thames Barrier was mentioned by Nick Raynsford, while there’s also an idea to construct a skate park there (although the Greenwich Skate Park group would prefer to go to the peninsula).
  • There was also talk of the problems with graffiti on the Thames Path (cruder than this), and on the decline of the Thames Barrier Visitor Centre.

There was plenty more, but I hope that gives you a flavour. The CRAG will next meet early in the new year, but if you can’t wait until then for some community discussion, the Charlton Rail Users Group next meets on 23 November at the Liberal Club.

4 thoughts on “It Asda be bigger – supermarket plans Charlton expansion

  1. Chris November 4, 2011 / 08:20

    Thanks for organising this and the update. Sorry that I could only stay for part of the meeting. Later on my car broke down (300 quid) and my son’s bike got nicked (150 quid). The meeting was the cheapest bit of my day, sigh…..

    I must say I was really encouraged by the attendance of the three councillors — thanks to them for taking their time to gauge the mood on the streets — and Nick Raynsford.

    The Asda proposals just add to my concerns that the road infrastructure is going to prove totally inadequate for coping with all the extra traffic, even if Bugsbys is widened.

    Can some of the 106 cash go towards the Maryon Wilson zoo??

  2. Di Baker (@coatgal) November 4, 2011 / 20:13

    The Asda proposals just add to my concerns that the road infrastructure is going to prove totally inadequate for coping with all the extra traffic, even if Bugsbys is widened.

    <– This. The road infrastructure in this area already has enough difficulties – problems with the Woolwich Ferry, a tunnel closure, Charlton playing, an accident on the A2 – all of these lead to heavy, slow traffic affecting not just the roads between Woolwich and Greenwich, but also Shooters Hill Road and, as a consequence, roads in Kidbrooke, Blackheath and so on. Additional traffic at already busy times is surely likely to exacerbate these problems?

  3. Davey November 13, 2011 / 15:07

    I think Asda should be allowed to expand their Charlton store, in fact it should be completely redeveloped as it is pushing 30 years old and is out of step with more modern facilities, even though that stupid white cladding was added a number of years back to “modernise” the store. Of course far more concern traffic-wise should be the impact of a relocated Sainsbury’s near to Asda, which should not be allowed and the problems at Greenwich should be sorted out by closing,demolishing and draining the land underneath the existing store and then rebuilding, but then Sainsbury’s do not want to lose any mony do they? The neverending greed of Tesco being allowed to build yet another store is going to cause more traffic chaos in and around Woolwich, so as far as myself and many people I know are concerned the Asda plans should be given more priority as they have been in the community far longer.

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