What will Charlton’s riverside look like in five years?

This website has brought you news on future and proposed developments. Sainsbury’s are inviting residents to give feedback on their plans for the area. But what does all this mean as a whole? How could the area alter over time and what role are the council playing in this? Please accept this invitation (see below) to attend the second meeting for the Charlton Riverside Action Group.

This meeting – perhaps more of a forum – is for residents, stakeholders and proprietors of the riverside and beyond. We hope to have in attendance representatives from Greenwich Council, Transport for London, community managers, property developers and land owners. But we also need you, a person who’s interested and cares about Charlton and what the future has in store for it.

Hope to see you there. While we’re waiting here’s part of the council’s strategic development plan, laid out earlier this year:

  • Charlton Riverside is a key regeneration area that provides a significant opportunity for new high quality river front development. The area will be transformed into an attractive and vibrant mixed use urban quarter providing around 6,000 new homes. The area has the potential to offer new community and education facilities, space for small businesses particularly within the creative industries, new employment opportunities and accessible open spaces.
  • The Strategic Development Location will exclude the current Aggregate Zone and the safeguarded Angerstein’s and Murphy’s Wharves. The total area for the site is over 100 hectares.
  • An Area Action Plan will be prepared to guide development at the site. It is envisaged at this stage that the large site could provide for a significant residential led mixed use development plus improved commercial space, retail and community facilities as well as improvements to the existing open space.
  • It is considered that the housing component at the site will commence around 2016 and could take up to 20 years to be completed. It is therefore anticipated that just over 70% of the 6000 dwellings will be delivered in this area during the plan period, with the remainder coming post 2026/27. Development of the site is dependent on the provision of increased public transport infrastructure in the waterfront area.