Spooky goings-on at Charlton House this weekend

Once again, this Halloween Charlton House will play host to a ghostly performance by Phantasmagoria Events. Tours run every 15 mins on Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October between 7pm and 9pm. Every tour lasts one hour and tickets are available at Greenwich Theatre’s website. Here’s the ghoulish description of their show:

Way back in time, when gods and monster rules an ancient land, an iron age community lived near the site. They created a portal to the spirit world – From the four corners of Greenwich, a legion of the borough’s most horrid and historical phantoms are drawn to the imposing Jacobean mansion. Once a year, at Halloween the portal opens to allow the trapped spirits to ascend to a higher realm. In order for the ancient magic to work, 13 spirits are needed. However, there is a catch. Only 12 spirits are in the house. They meet you, greet you, tell you there story, however they are watching you like a hawk. You could be the 13th. 

There is actually a real ghost that lurks through the halls of Charlton House (no, really!). It’s said to be Sir William Langhorne who bought the house in 1680. At the age of 80 he married a 17-year-old bride from Charlton Village. He was desperate to have a child to inherit his wealth but died two months after the wedding before his wife had conceived. He still haunts the grounds in the hope of finding a fertile bride.

Perhaps even more scary is that back in the 1990s GMTV devoted a whole five minutes of programming to this story, anchored by the timeless Lorraine Kelly. Enjoy: