Charlton Park and a Village sandwich bar – can you help?

A question from Sarah:

“Just wondering if you knew what was happening in Charlton Park? I was there on Thursday morning and there are some piles of earth inside the old running track area, and another one on the corner opposite the outside gym. Plus a couple of workers seem to have dug a square in the middle of the rugby pitch (above) – perhaps they’re turning it into a cricket pitch?”

And another from Andy:

“I see that Charlton is getting a new sandwich bar (in the old dress shop) – know any details?”

I can’t help on either of these questions – but can you?

8 thoughts on “Charlton Park and a Village sandwich bar – can you help?

  1. Julia May 26, 2011 / 11:53

    Has anyone else living on or near Delafield Road noticed the recent change in noise produced by trains both departing from and arriving into the station? For the past few weeks they have started to make a horrible shrieking noise as they pass over a particular section of the track – unfortunately very close to our house! We are planning to complain to Southeastern/Railtrack (who will undoubtedly attempt to blame each other) but would like to hear from neighbours who are similarly affected. Thanks

  2. Sarah May 27, 2011 / 12:15

    Thanks for posting this Darryl; it’s a shame that (so far) no one seems to know anything about the park or the sandwich bar. And my email enquiry to the council about the park, sent a week ago, remains unanswered.

    • john Fahy May 28, 2011 / 09:12

      Work to develop a Cricket Pitch in Charlton Park is underway wehich relates to the point raised by Sarah. Not able to help on the sandwich bar.

  3. ThePirateKing June 17, 2011 / 01:22

    Felt cheeky this morning so I asked in the flower show to see if any of the ladies knew anything about the sandwich bar opening nextdoor. They said it should be soon and that the owners were waiting for permission to change the signs. They had been told it would be open in three weeks, two weeks ago. We’ll see.

  4. ThePirateKing July 31, 2011 / 23:16

    Travelling past the new sandwich bar I see that it now looks ready for business and has a sign announcing its opening on Monday 1st August!

  5. ThePirateKing August 1, 2011 / 22:03

    Opened this morning. Was passing at lunch time and bought six sandwiches for the gang. All good. Prices v reasonable at £2.20 for a stuffed sandwich. Also things like scrambled eggs on toast for £2.50. Was busy and the staff and owner seemed a little overwhelmed, but am sure they enjoyed the trade. A very welcome addition to Charlton Village.

    • KTG August 10, 2011 / 11:37

      What’s the deal with the no bacon sarnies in the morning?

  6. Jon Taylor February 13, 2012 / 11:27

    The Cricket Oval will be ready for use in 2012. It will be maintained and booked through the Greenwich District Development Group. This is voluntary organisation that co-ordinates many aspects of junior and club cricket in Greenwich Borough. It has links with Kent Cricket Board & ECB. It is a not for profit organisation. The aim is that with the DDG involved the pitch will be well maintained and be regularly used by local cricket clubs. For more details .. email

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