Open mic in Charlton (and slightly beyond)

Musician and photographer Neil Clasper has some advice for you if you like live music and don’t want to travel far…

Ever fancied performing in public? Been playing an instrument at home and want a new challenge? Or do you simply fancy hearing some live music and meeting some local musicians over a beer?

Charlton now has two regular open mic nights running on alternate weeks at the Antigallican and Royal Oak pubs – plus the well-established night at the British Oak just over the SE3 border on Old Dover Road. These are a great opportunity for performers with any level of experience to play in a welcoming, supportive atmosphere. Performers get a chance to play 2-3 songs (more if it’s a quiet night).

A PA and mics are provided but you’ll need to bring your own guitar/ keyboard/ ukulele/ whatever.

Antigallican – alternate Wednesdays
428 Woolwich Road SE7 8SU
020 8853 0143

Royal Oak – alternate Thursdays
54 Charlton Lane SE7 8LA
020 8858 4771

British Oak – every Tuesday
109 Old Dover Road SE3 8SU
020 8858 1082

You can find out more about what’s going on in the open mic scene around the borough at a new blog: