Maryon Wilson animals petition launched

A petition has been launched to ask Greenwich Council to reconsider plans to close Maryon Wilson Park animal centre if sponsorship cannot be found.

The council says it has to save the £43,000 it costs to run the centre as a response to cuts in the grants it gets from central government.

If sponsorship cannot be found, it is likely the centre will close in April 2012.

The petition is already approaching 200 signatures, with one signatory commenting that the animal park is “as much a part of Charlton as Charlton House or Charlton Athletic”.

Others have pointed out how many local children, from Charlton schools and others in the borough, take part in educational visits to the centre.

The petition can be found at while a campaign web page has been created at

UPDATE: There’s more on this, and how one Charlton councillor could help save the centre, on 853.

4 thoughts on “Maryon Wilson animals petition launched

  1. Matt January 19, 2011 / 09:47

    That’s good news. I was worried that facebook cause campaign would get lots followers but with no real outcome.

    The new localism bill has a section on petitions. I believe that if you get 5% of your local community signing it and then give it to your council they will be forced into a referendum and all 51 councilors will vote on whether it goes or not.

    Could be very wrong though, this ‘Big Society’ is confusing at the best of times.

    I think that basically means it needs 10,000 signatures but from people within this borough. Again, I could be very wrong.

  2. Chris January 20, 2011 / 09:23

    Thanks for this Darryl.

    Just the sort of thing a local web site should do. I wouldn’t have come upon the petition without your help.


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