Filming in Charlton Park

Charlton Champion reader Brenda got in touch this morning to let us know that part of Charlton Park is closed for filming at the moment. It looks like it could be for ‘The Royals’, produced by Privileged Productions, but there’s not much info on the website mentioned on the sign. If anyone knows what it’s all about, we’d be intrigued to know more!

UPDATE: Charlton House’s website now has a bit more info.

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Celebrate a year of community gardening at Charlton station

Charlton Community Gardens poster
Charlton Community Gardens are celebrating a year of gardening at their Charlton station plot next Thursday, 26th June, 6-8pm. All are welcome: the Royal Horticultural Society will be presenting a plaque, and there’s a Pot Luck Picnic planned – including ‘tasty bites from plants grown in the demonstration garden’.

This Wednesday, 18th June, sees a regular CCM gardening party and plant sale at the station concourse, starting 6pm.

See Charlton Community Gardens website for more on what they’re up to at the station.

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Brew & Choo cafe closes

Brew & Choo cafe - closed in June 2014
The end of last week brought the news that Brew & Choo cafe on Charlton Church Lane has closed:


We don’t know why it’s closed or what will replace it at this point, but hope that whoever takes it over are as friendly as the people that ran Brew & Choo. If you know what’s taking its place, let us know.



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Open Gardens Festival in Charlton (and beyond)

Judy from Charlton Community Gardens has been in touch with information on the Open Gardens Festival taking place next weekend – all in aid of Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice. Here are details of the gardens you can visit in Charlton:


You can download the full brochure with details of gardens in Greenwich, Blackheath, and Eltham here.

Additionally, the same weekend sees Charlton Manor Primary school open its doors for the London-wide Open Garden Squares weekend, offering ‘Tea, coffee and homemade honey cake made from our own honey. Pond-dipping. Talk and exploration of our observation beehive. Tour of the garden with staff available to answer questions‘.

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Developments at Maryon Wilson Animal Park?

The ‘unofficial’ Twitter feed of the Friends Of Maryon Wilson Park brought news this week of new arrivals in the park:

As well as signs that Maryon Wilson Animal Park Ltd (the company set up in 2012 to run the animal park facilitiesnot to be confused with the Friends of Maryon Wilson Park group) – has secured some sponsorship:

There’s nothing on the official website about Durkan’s involvement yet, but there is an announcement about quarterly open meetings, starting July 5th:

Due to a high amount of interest, the Board at Maryon Wilson Animal Park will now be running quarterly open meetings on a Saturday morning. These meetings will be open to all members of the public to keep up to speed with the activities of the Board and the animal park.

The first of these meetings will be held on Saturday 5th July from 10:30am – 12pm at Charlton Park RDA. There will be an introduction to the current Board members, a catch-up on the past three months at the park and a Q&A session. Light refreshments will also be available.

If you are interested in the park, if it holds a special place in your heart, or if you would like to know more about how you can help, then we would love to meet you!

Date: Saturday 5th July
Time: 10:30am – 12pm
Location: Charlton Park RDA Hut, Charlton Park

If you’re able to attend the meeting, some interesting questions to ask the Board might include:

  • Who is on the Board now?  What are their positions and experience? Will there be public announcements for future appointments to the Board?
  • What are the terms of the sponsorship deal with Durkan?
  • Will future events be better promoted than the Easter Egg Hunt (which appeared on the ‘official’ Twitter feed the day before the event).

If you do go along, let us know what you learnt.


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Are you going to the Horn Fayre? Or the Horn Fair? Or both?

There’s not much confirmed online yet, but it looks like Charlton could be enjoying two Horn Fairs this year.

A ‘Horn Fayre’ in Charlton Park on Sunday July 27th:

The Horn Fayre - Charlton Park

And a ‘Horn Fair’ in Hornfair Park on Sunday August 3rd:

The Horn Fair - Hornfair Park

Neither are listed on the council’s events page yet, though the latter event is included on the Parksfest 2014 website (and seems to be supported by GLL, suggesting that there’s a link with the various leisure activities that they run in Hornfair Park). We’ve asked the council to clarify the situation via Twitter, and they’ve promised to get back to us:

If both are going ahead, it seems a little strange to be running similar events in adjacent parks on consecutive weekends, but perhaps this finally resolves the issue of how you spell ‘Horn Fair': a different spelling for each park…We look forward to finding out more as information becomes available (on which subject, the organisers could learn a lot from the – volunteer – team behind this coming weekend’s Plumstead’s Make Merry). If you’ve got more information about either event, please get in touch!

UPDATE: After some confusion, the council Twitter feed has confirmed that both events are going ahead:

UPDATE 17th JUNE: Charlton House’s website has a bit more info on the Horn Fayre now:

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What’s happening at Charlton House? And how would we know?

Charlton House

Charlton House

A recent flurry of comments on an old post reminded us to take a look at what’s happening at Charlton House. The answer – if the website and Greenwich Time are to be believed – is ‘almost nothing’.

At the time of writing the website was showing this for ‘What’s On in June':

Charlton House - What's On In June

(There is mention of Friday lunchtime concerts and baby rhyme time elsewhere on the site, though).

The Facebook pages and Twitter feed are updated sporadically – but with little interaction with followers –  and events are included in Greenwich Time’s listing section occasionally (nothing this week, though); the council’s website is similarly low on information (the events page’s drop-down ‘what’s on where’ menu doesn’t include Charlton House as a venue). So how, without calling in, does a local resident find out what’s going on at Charlton House?

In contrast to this, a short walk over the border into SE3, Mycenae House have been doing a great job of raising the profile of their events: a smartly-designed leaflet through locals’ doors (including into Charlton), a revamped website (compare and contrast with Charlton House’s website, which focuses heavily on pictures of empty blue chairs…), a refurbished bar/cafe, and a range of music and comedy nights that are pulling the punters in.

It’s arguable that Charlton House’s Listed status places limitations on how it can be used, but this doesn’t seem to have presented a problem down the road in Bexley: Hall Place offers an excellent case study in what can be done to bring a property of this sort to life (and their social media efforts show how event marketing and audience engagement can be done successfully at this level).

Of course, the internet isn’t everything, and we know that Charlton House does get used. But if the comments we’ve seen here and on our Facebook page are anything to go by, there’s a demand for Charlton House to be more than a few dusty meeting rooms and a nice wedding venue. We know that plans to spin it off into its own heritage trust were stymied, and are waiting to hear more about the plans for a borough-wide heritage trust to emerge. In the meantime, who’s speaking up for Charlton House? Can it get more than the bare minimum of attention from the council’s events and marketing team?

One possible sign of optimism is that Charlton ward’s newly-elected councillor Miranda Williams has been appointed member for cultural and creative industries in the council’s new cabinet; hopefully she’ll be able to remind her colleagues that there’s more to the cultural life of the borough than what happens in Greenwich town centre or Woolwich’s General Gordon Square (or onboard Tall Ships, for that matter).

We’d love to hear our councillors’ vision for the venue, and we’d love to hear what other users and readers think of the current offering – and what they’d like to see. Get in touch, or let us know in the comments below!

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